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The Prime Of Interior Design – Discover The New Charla Home By Luxxu

The Prime Of Interior Design – Discover The New Charla Home By Luxxu – LUXXU’s Charla home represents the most timeless interior design the brand has ever conceived. A signature project, located in Los Angeles, with the presence of Charla’s items that are known for their boundless elegance and versatility.

It’s a collection inspired by a very unique piece, the first-ever, Charla dining chair. It’s an upholstered family that fits in almost every setting in a superior way with its classic look. It works well in a living room, a dressing room, a commercial space, and, of course, at your home.

The distinctive leather finish characterizes all Charla’s pieces and improves comfort. The upholstery is customizable into any color scheme becoming even more suitable for the interior designer’s taste.

The City of Stars welcomes this dream residence and invites the reader to step into a world of wonders.


banner artigo charla house


Enter The Charla World One Room At A Time




Kitchen marble counter house-charla


Cooking dinner in this Charla kitchen will be a mix of an industrial and classic vibe. Metallic grey materials blend, in an oddly pleasant way, into the gold and brass Atlas cabinet handles by PullCast, the Draycott pendant lamp by LUXXU, and the Symphony cabinet by Boca do Lobo.

The marble from the other rooms flows into the kitchen, creating a harmonious design and a lavishing look that only this metamorphic rock can achieve. Almost like an extension of the floor, the island counter works as a cooking space and a quick lunch area. Three Charla bar chairs were placed to attain maximum comfort.

The rules are oblivious in this kingdom of avant-garde design and luxury where a new style was born to satisfy the most demanding client.


Home Bar

bar counter in a house


Swiveling around life will become easier when seated around this ravishing bar. The Charla swivel bar chairs are a classic velvet option, with an integrated brass footrest capable of moving around, and adaptable in height. They remind the old noir movies and evoke a nostalgic feeling.


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On top of the counter, five Liberty small pendants work both as decorative pieces and ambiance lights. The glare reflects beautifully in the crystal glasses and creates an everlasting moment of serenity.


bar counter house high chairs


Long and glamorous nights await in this inspiring setting full of expensive champagne and single malt whisky bottles. The perfect place to break the ice!



Home Office


two single sofas in a living room




A view to inspire the mind and space enough to expand thoughts. That’s what this office has to offer with a wide room composed of a workstation and a more informal reunion area for meetings or just the daily breaks.


office house-charla


For productive days, the Apotheosis desk pairs perfectly with the Charla office chair that exhales comfort just by looking at her. For the guests, a pair of Ocadia armchairs will make a swank impression, as well as the view to the charming Lloyd bookcase. Above, an impressive Tycho rectangular suspension will enlighten the finest conversations.


sofas with chandelier


Two steps forward and one can sit in a luxurious Charla single sofa or stretch out at a longer option, the Charla sofa. Both will provide the ultimate break from work. For an intense day of meetings and problems resolutions, nothing better than a drink from the Lloyd bar cabinet. It would be the cherry on top of the cake.


BRABBU upholstery Malay chair


Composing the set, the Thor center table and the Darian II side table are a choice of utility and refined sophistication. Beautifully dropping from the ceiling is another Tycho family member, the round suspension.


Master Bedroom


big chandelier and double bed

The strength for the day comes from sleep at night. The Charla bedroom is the perfect personification of an energetic sunrise with the right willpower.

The client will start the day by popping out from the Charla XL bed, an impressively large piece of furniture that steals the show in the interior design project. As companions, two Needle table lamps sit on the Charla nightstands with their charming black contrast.


big chandelier and double bedmid century


BID rooms inspiration


single sofa in a bedroom


In front of the bed, the custom Charla ottoman works as a complimentary item with an attractive presence, and the Charla dresser creates an exclusive and versatile solution for storage. The custom Empire mirror provides an extravagant and vigorous touch.


bedroom in house

bedroom in a house




Two Charla single sofas and a Charla stool shape a cozy reading corner and, for a lazier reading, the Charla chaise longue is the best of both worlds. All of Charla’s items above are illuminated by a marvelous Pharo suspension, two Waterfall II big wall lamps, and a Draycott floor.


chandelier in a closet

large closet


An undersea adventure by bymura


Living Room


house-charla living room grey living room


This super large living room works in an open space concept connecting with the dining area through two elegant steps.


large living room with grey sofa house charla
large living room with grey sofa house charla

Since the space is XL size, the windows are no different. This area will have sunlight all day due to the floor-to-ceiling window design. Enlightened by the sunbeams, the marble around the walls, the light wood floor, and the stunning Lloyd bookcase shine brighter and create a pleasant symbiosis. Everything else flows in a grey-themed color scheme and it fits beautifully.


living room

two grey sofas paintings wall


Sitting around the fireplace will never be the same with the two huge LUXXU’s Thomson sofas, and the modern and sleek pair of Ocadia armchairs. In the middle, two Empire set III center tables to deliver the right amount of texture, and the marble matches the walls.


living room in a duplex apartment with large sofa


The lighting option is discreet with some spotlights at the ceiling. In the wall and floor, LUXXU’s Waterfall technical wall and Waterfall floor lamps make the shiny gold pop into the scene.


house of boca do lobo hong kong


Dining Room


large dining table


A breathtaking dining space, just like private rooms at luxury restaurants from Los Angeles.

Around the magnificent custom Littus oval dining table are, of course, 14 Charla dining chairs, the first Charla piece ever. It already feels like Hollywood!


dining room with a large chandelier luxury


Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast


dining table velvet chairs


As for the walls and ambiance in general, it follows the same design from the living room creating an extension of it. However, the lighting option is bolder, with three Shard suspension lamps falling from the ceiling over the dining area, and two Waterfall II big wall lamps side by side with Vertigo console and Crackle round mirror starring in the middle. Also, two Shard wall lamps were placed beside the door, matching the family member.


dining chairs brown and grey


L´Chandelier Boca do Lobo


single beige sofa


The Darian II side table provides an elegant touch near the window, where the view is the ultimate ingredient for a marvelous Sunday afternoon seated on the Charla single sofa reading a book.


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