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Contemporary Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids Bedroom | The contemporary style is marked by the combination of modern and current trends. However, it is often confused with minimalism or sober colors. In fact, the contemporary style is comfortable, uses neutral tones usually on the walls and the furniture is usually smooth, clean, and with geometric shapes. Best Interiors Designers has pulled out some ideas you will love for your kid’s room.


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This child’s bedroom is not only trendy but extremely comfortable. With a darker color palette, but still relaxing,  a beautifully designed rug, and bed, as well as a stunning lighting piece, this bedroom is a dream come true!


grey kids room astronaut thematic


This beautiful tent fits perfectly in this safari-themed room. The cloud lamps make the room look even more fun!


tent kids room safari theme


Every detail matters when decorating your kid’s bedroom. Cloud Sofa is inspired by Pixar’s short film and it’s the perfect item for any bedroom and any other division with its modern cloud-shaped form.


velvet pink sofa kids room mirror


In one world: daydreaming. The bedroom is the place where we need to find peace and be able to do a mental brief vacation, and the sky is the limit! Abbey Floor Lamp adds some contrast to this pink blush décor and it also is your daughter’s best friend when she decided to take the book off the shelf!


cloud lamp in a modern room


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A child’s bedroom is a blank canvas begging to be filled with creativity and personality via interior design. Every child desires a wonderful dream world in their bedroom where they can truly feel safe and play with all the liberty that their imagination permits.


luxury bedroom pink velvet bed kids room


Puzzled Bookcase was influenced by geometrical landscapes and designed with the desire and enthusiasm to create a piece where children may explore their imaginations and let their fantasies run wild. Every element of their dreams now has a place to be brought to fruition thanks to this piece.


Nasa astronaut theme kids room


Kids love that your room is unique and super creative. Why not put a pink swing to match the rest of the decor, and at the same time make a child happy while on the swing reading a book? It will make all the difference!


suspension chair pink


The relaxing sound of the waves can calm a storm. We drift to a different world and get lost in the wonders of nature. That set of mind was the inspiration behind this very special sleeping area.


two beds kids bedroom nature inspired kids bedroom

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