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Humbert & Poyet Inspiration | 8 Living Room Ideas

Humbert & Poyet Inspiration


Humbert & Poyet is a design firm founded by the Monegasque, Christophe Poyet, and the Parisian, Emil Humbert. They are known for their refined and bold designs for Beefbar restaurants around the world, such as the new Beefbar Paris restaurant, which opened just a few steps away from the Champs-Elysées. In this case, the top architects brought to life the richness of this Art Noveau Jewel, however, they propose a new definition of luxury, one that’s understated yet theatrical, less sober and more enjoyable, mixing eras, from classicism to modernism.


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Humbert & Poyet velvet sofa


Humbert & Poyet inspiration | 8 Living Room Ideas


Best Interior Designers selected 10 living rooms for you to be inspired, that somehow resemble the art of Humbert & Poyet.

A stunning living room design is a must in any interior design project. This luxurious ambiance is gifted with a clean and modern look that can take anyone´s breath away all while showcasing unique lighting pieces that can catch any eye at a mere glimpse.

white sofa


With a neutral color scheme, this modern minimal living room exudes tranquility, especially when paired with the Dêco Rug.


green velvet sofa


An amazing living room with a neutral color scheme highlighted by golden accents. The Otto Sofa is the spotlight of this living room. This sofa has a unique organic shape that provides impeccable comfort and style.



Grey velvet armchairs paired with a black side table are the showstoppers this modern living room corner needed.



A living room that could be all in neutral tones, if it weren’t for the two blue armchairs that stand out from the rest of the room. The coffee table also stands out in the room, with its half upholstered and half mirrored body, contrasting with the white marble top.



We don’t know what we like most about this open space, the beautifully chosen colors or the incredibly detailed and unique furniture. One thing we are sure of: the lighting pieces are, without a doubt, the soul of the whole space!



A modern living room with a white velvet sofa and a marble center table can do no wrong, especially if you have an accent chair with a pop of color like yellow or red. Finished with a modern floor lamp and a stunning chandelier, and you’re good to go.


round center table, a yellow rug, and a yellow upholstery chair


The Lucy Lounge Rug in pink hues goes well with the rose gold centre table and armchairs.


comfortable contemporary sofa, and a contemporary center table.


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