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20 Luxurious Rugs For Your Living Room

Luxurious Rugs

Achieve your dream interior with the best luxurious rugs. A designer rug is a must for any luxury home. Check out our selection of handmade luxurious rugs with the greatest designs.

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If you are looking for amazing luxurious rugs to exceed your expectations, you’ll find what you are looking for. This selection of rugs reunites the best-designed rugs with the best quality and durability.

20 Luxurious Rugs For Your Living Room

A Modern living room with one of the most luxurious rugs there is the: Air Rug. The gray tones highlight the modern style of this room while the golden lights bring an air of sophistication and transform this living room into a luxury room.

20 Luxurious Rugs For Your Living Room

Luxurious rugs such as the Xisto Rug are a great choice if you want to impress your guests. Its golden tones match well with the Eden Center table and the gold Soleil mirror. The white sofa stands out, highlighting its elegance and purity.

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20 Luxurious Rugs For Your Living Room

What a divine living room with the Agatha Rug. Its blue tones resonate with royalty and pair really well with the Blue upholstered sofas. The gold center table, as well as hanging lights, add a luxury air to the room. This combination of elements creates a prestigious living room that will leave your visitors open-mouth.

20 Luxurious Rugs For Your Living Room

Black and white luxury rugs are perfect if you want a more subtle living room. The Couple rug is the perfect option for such a living room. Its slight golden details enhance the room and match with the center round Lapiaz table.

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Luxurious rugs can also be minimalistic like the Cauca Rug. The modern contemporary living room stands out for its bold orange-colored armchair. The monochrome rug balances out the vibrant colors and brings harmony.

This modern contemporary living room is very charming with the White Garden Rug. This is one of the most modest luxury rugs of Rug’Society’s collection. Its white color is meant to balance the colors in the room, it acts as a blank canvas so that any item can fit.

This is a minimalistic modern contemporary living room, yet its pale rose colors paired with the Terrazo Rug create a beautiful ambient. This rug has a beautiful design that feels as if we are walking on art.

This modern contemporary living room is the perfect base for the Terracotta Rug. Who said luxury rugs can’t fit into more rustic styles? The Terracotta rug with its neutral colors makes it easy to fit into any ambient, any style of any era.

Modern mid-century living rooms are very trendy nowadays. The Prisma I Rug is one of the best luxury rugs with its soft materials, botanical silk, and natural wool. Paired with the white Sofa, white armchair, round golden mirror, and golden hanging lights it creates a great and elegant interior.

This modern living room is spacious with a beautiful light blue area rug that matches well with the blue armchair. The brown couch creates a nice contrast with the light-colored rug. In the end, it is a great living room.

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This modern contemporary rug with a gray area rug is rustic yet elegant. It’s the perfect mix between different styles. The different tones of gray create a peaceful ambiance and serenity. It is a great place to relax in the wintertime.

This modern classic living is stunning with its round gray area rug, golden chandelier, marbled center table, and golden side tables. This room radiates prestige and luxury.

A charming modern contemporary living room with a brown round rug. Its pattern is minimalistic yet elegant which adds depth to the room. The mid-century armchairs bring a pop of color while the white sofa brings balance to these color palettes. The golden lights is the final touch to make this room a luxury space.

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A Modern minimalistic living room with a soft gray area rug that covers the entirety of the floors. This carpet seems as fluffy and warm as it is to the touch. The black center tables create a nice contrast to the gray of the floors.

As we all know, luxurious rugs are often gray because it pairs easily with everything. This is why we have in this Modern living room another gray area rug. The combination of gray, black, and white is perfect to establish an elegant living room.

Modern living room in tones of white with an area rug. The yellow couch and the blue and gray pillows are the only touches of color. This is a simple living room that radiates quietness and tranquility.

A stunning modern living room with a fantastic round gray rug that surrounds all the important items of this living room. The White curved sofa is beautiful and combined with the armchairs, it creates a neat and elegant living room.

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This modern contemporary living room has one of the warmest luxurious rugs. The soft texture of this rug paired with the cozy upholstered armchairs creates a comfortable space, that you will love to relax in.

Luxurious rugs combined with materials such as marble are meant to create astonishing spaces. The addition of golden hanging lights only elevates the room to the next level.

Modern contemporary living room with a fuzzy and fluffy round rug. This rug is known for its unique shape and texture. It brings depth to the room and contrasts with the neat blue sofa and the gold chandelier.


What did you think about these luxurious rugs? Feel free to comment and share!

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