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Timothy Corrigan is an interior designer with offices in Los Angeles and Paris. His firm, Timothy Corrigan, Inc. specializes in interior design and incorporates all the grand styles and the amazing creative view of Timothy Corrigan, top inspirational designers that prefers a more classic contemporary style that mimics the royal inspirations he loves so much. As one of the most versatile, experienced and creative designers of the world, Timothy Corrigan is a powerful name to be reckoned with within the Inspirational World of Interior Design.






He has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, In Style, Traditional Home Town & Country, and on television internationally. He has appeared on HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms, HGTV’s Top Ten, LXTV’s International Open House – Paris, Extra. He was chosen to design the Architectural Digest green room at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards.


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In a recent past, Timothy Corrigan owned the incredible Chateau du Grande-Lucé, located in Le Grand-Lucé, in France’s Loire Valley. The chateau and its gardens are listed as French National Landmarks. He was responsible for the decoration of this space. He eventually sold it but recently bought a new amazing Castle. His book, “An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé, Rizzoli New York 2013 details Timothy’s against-all-odds acquisition of the glorious 18th century wreck in dire need of repair and his subsequent painstaking restoration and decoration, bringing it back to life as a private home.




Biography: the man before the myth

Timothy Corrigan would be the first to say that his interior design firm was launched with good fortune. An advertising executive, Timothy (who grew up in Mexico and California) lived in Paris in cosmopolitan style for several years. A friend asked Corrigan to design his apartment. Timothy discovered a new passion and in just a few years has made first the real estate business, and now decoration and restoration his highly successful career.




Timothy Corrigan Inc. has nine staff in the Los Angeles office, three versatile staff in the office on Place d’Estine d’Orves in Paris, and clients in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. Prior to forming his design firm in 1996, Corrigan worked in advertising where he was president of international operations for Backer Speilvogel Bates Worldwide, which later went on to become Bates Worldwide.

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Backgroung & Realizations: The Projects


Living rooms

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Dining rooms

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The Most Iconic Projects:

French Chateau

As we’ve mentioned before, Timothy Corrigan brought back to life stunning French Chateau that he eventually sold. The 45,000-square-foot estate was built between 1760 and 1764. It was first a private home and then a military hospital. By the time the French government sold the space to Corrigan in 2004, it was hardly livable. Corrigan notes there was no heat or electricity. But that didn’t stop the decorator from diving in and putting his own spin on the historic site.


Once inside, you’re completely transformed to another time. While most of the rooms are very formal, the subtle pops of color, whether it be in the walls or fabrics, keep the space looking far from a museum. “I didn’t want the place to take itself too seriously,” the designer said. “We’re not in a museum. The message is, we’re just having fun.

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Gardener’s Cottage

With a nod to Beaux Arts tradition, Corrigan and landscape designer Scott Byron positioned the long, narrow pool directly on an axis with both the cabana and the entrance hall, so that a dramatic vista dazzles visitors the moment they step through the front door.




“This is not what the sweet, cottagey exterior leads you to expect,” Corrigan says, noting that a pilastered corridor indoors echoes a pear-tree allée in the garden. Surprises unfold at every turn. The terms paneled library and butler’s pantry may conjure notions of bygone upstairs-downstairs decorum, but in this home the spaces cheerfully go with the flow of present-day family life. (Diane has four grandchildren.) The library is now part of a multigenerational hangout anchored by the big eat-in kitchen. As for the pantry, located next to a staircase leading to the basement gym and game room, it became a snappy refreshment bar.







Interesting Facts about Timothy Corrigan

Timothy Corrigan haven’t study design and architecture formally. Museums, travel and books have been his primary teachers. He is a maniac about continuing to learn and grow; he is reading



Design advice by Timothy Corrigan

Good lampshades are key. Even the least expensive lamp will look good if it has a good lampshade. Just as you can judge a man by the shoes that he wears, a good lampshade says a lot about a home; you can make a strong statement without having to spend a lot of money!



Early inspiration

As a boy T.Corrigan was fascinated by architecture. He designed houses out of balsa wood and even created the landscaping around them. When he was ten or eleven he saw a photo of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and he was awestruck. Corrigan was so impressed with the way Wright integrated the exterior elements into the house itself. He was lucky enough to have great exposure to the arts as a child. His mother took them to museums and that early exposure established his connection with art and culture.


The Creator’s Choice

Hailed in Architectural Digest as “Today’s Tastemaker,” Timothy Corrigan’s work is showcased in some of the world’s most extraordinary properties with clients including European and Middle Eastern royalty, Hollywood celebrities and corporate leaders.

With offices in both Los Angeles and Paris, his distinctive design philosophy of comfortable elegance in architecture, restoration and interiors has been featured on television and in such prestigious publications as: Elle Decor, The New York Times, Town & Country, Veranda, House Beautiful, Vanity Fair, and Vogue and The Wall Street Journal. Timothy has been named one of the world’s top 100 architects and designers by Architectural Digest for the past ten years, and one of the World’s Top 40 Interior Designers by The Robb Report.

dining rm/Photo by Lee Manning

In March 2014, he received the “Star of Design” award from the Pacific Design Center and in November 2014, was the first American designer honored by the French Heritage Society, alongside Hermès. His critically acclaimed book, “An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé” was published by Rizzoli. Timothy recently introduced the first fully integrated line of fabrics, trims, furniture and floor covering for Schumacher and Patterson, Flynn & Martyn, as well as a tabletop collection for Royal Limoges. He also designed a line of bath fixtures for THG Paris that was launched in 2016 and he is currently working on new products and projects for some of the world’s top brands.

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