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Step Inside Luxxu´s Deluxe Apartment In The Heart Of Moscow

Deluxe Apartment

Moscow was chosen as the location for LUXXU’s next interior design project mainly due to its vibrant nature but also for being a beacon of quality in today’s design scene. In order to meet the design standards of the city, LUXXU had the ambitious task of providing an exciting yet relaxing environment that stands the test of time and conveys contemporary luxury in its finest form. Join Luxxu Blog as we give you a room-by-room showcase of this brand-new deluxe apartment in the heart of Moscow.

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Step Inside Luxxu´s Deluxe Apartment In the Heart Of Moscow

Upon entering this house, one is bestowed by a sublime hallway decoration, comprised of a trinity of high-quality designs that showcase exquisite craftsmanship, from the Suspicion console, a daring piece that fills any room with lavishing luxury to the Gold Darian mirror, a simple yet unique item that captures the functionality of a mirror and the splendor of a work of art. Both pieces receive smooth lighting from the Tycho small wall light.

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Step Inside Luxxu´s Deluxe Apartment In the Heart Of Moscow

LUXXU introduced an open space that shares both a bar and dining area, in which the transition between spaces flows seamlessly and one can also enjoy marvelous views of the outdoors. In the dining room, the brass and crystal glass accents of the Liberty Snooker suspension pair flawlessly with the boundless elegance of the Charla dining chairs, whose timeless lines and modern structure are further complemented by the complexity of luxurious materials, such as velvet, brass, and lacquered wood. Moreover, the Vertigo dining table was the chosen centerpiece for this setting, a design that exhales luxury and style in its purest form.

Step Inside Luxxu´s Deluxe Apartment In the Heart Of Moscow

Maintaining a cohesive decor throughout, the marbleized bar space highlights a bespoke bar installation headlined by the Otto Swivel bar chairs, which in turn offer all the comfort and sophistication needed to have an embellished interior. The Liberty lighting pendants offer a majestic glow, and they will certainly become the topic of conversation over a cocktail.

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Step Inside Luxxu´s Deluxe Apartment In the Heart Of Moscow

Neutral tones are rather timeless and have been in vogue for quite some time now. They become the theme of this luxurious living room setting that combines a modern design language with a sophisticated color palette that evokes a charming aura throughout.

Step Inside Luxxu´s Deluxe Apartment In the Heart Of Moscow

This modern ambiance has the perfect color scheme, combining the dark wood and off-white from the Thompson sofa, a new modular piece by Luxxu, with the soft crystals from the Liberty Slim suspension. For a grander fit, LUXXU added another set of new pieces like the custom-made Mayer center table and the Darian tv cabinet, impressing with the symphony that the whole project contemplates.

In a more secluded area, the new Otto sofa and Empire Set III center table complete the look and lead the way to a more intimate conversation.

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The perfect fusion of function and beautiful design is the culmination that every home office room should aim for. An exclusive desk that conveys an unmatched sense of style and aesthetics is the key to boosting productivity and the overall office decor.

In this case, the Apotheosis Desk is the anchor point of the room and makes quite a luxury statement. The Charla office chairs provide comfort while the Empire round suspension offers a crystalized glow. Furthermore, the Lloyd cabinet and the new Liberty Torch wall lamps add further interest to the decor.

Lastly, the Apotheosis bookcase was also incorporated to offer more storage space and for the client to exhibit all of their favorite items, from contemporary sculptures to essential books.


Offering panoramic city views, this outdoor space of this apartment will certainly become the envy of many. It is well-appointed with neutral furnishings, including the Hampton two-seat sofa and armchairs, the Suspicion side table, and the Mayer center table, all of which become the ultimate expression of comfort and luxury.

On the other side, there is another resting spot where the Hampton sun loungers rest and allow for high-quality sunbathing sessions. These pieces were designed exquisitely with class and style, but with strong character and comfort, perfect to escape the city noise and revive the art of lounging.

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Beautifully connected to the outdoor area, this master bedroom suite presents stone walls that showcase all the grandeur of veined marble. Moreover, the sleeping was appointed with LUXXU’s classical bedroom essentials, including the Château bed with its massive headboard dressed in gray leather and brass details.

Designs such as the stylish Tenor ottoman, the timeless Charla dresser and armchairs in a soft olive green hue, and the Empire bedside table with a brass frame become the supporting pieces that all bedrooms need. In addition, the Draycott pendants transmit a sense of elegance and purity. The closet area can be accessed through glass sliding doors.

In addition, a smaller bathroom is set within the suite and features a cluster of unique furnishings, from the Darian washbasin to the Orbis rectangular mirror. The Darian towel rack and the Waterfall XL pendant also complement this interior.

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