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Contemporary Bathroom Ideas For Your Home

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas


Because of its various variations, contemporary design is a very distinct style. In interior design, contemporary refers to a style that incorporates elements from modernism, postmodernism, tradition, art deco, and even futuristic design. The color scheme is stark, with lots of black and white, and decorative objects are a requirement. Best Interior Designers separated for you some beautiful Contemporary Design Ideas to elevate your bathroom.


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The mix of materials is something very present in contemporary style. The Darian Bathtub, for example, was conceived with precise knowledge of production techniques and materials, from metalwork to upholstery.


white modern leather detailed in a luxury bathroom


The incredible irregular shape in this Bathtub is inspired by a diamond’s unique lines and features, elevating any bathroom!


glossy white bathtub


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Now in black, the Diamond bathtub is even more glamorous in this beautiful marble bathroom.


black glossy diamond bathtub in a mable bathrooom


The Eden Stone freestanding is a one-of-a-kind magnificent alternative when seeking the appropriate piece to elevate your bathroom project.


designed washbasin marble inspired dark bathroom


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Designed by the Madrid-based designer Lorenzo Castillo, who balances very well the classic with the modern vibe.


Bathroom designed by Lorenzo Castillo


Any bathroom can benefit from the addition of a chandelier. The Majestic II Suspension is comprised of two delicate lighting fixtures with gold plated brass and crystal glass cylinders that create an exceptional and exclusive appearance.


modern and natural inspired bathroom with a black leather detailed bathtub


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This unique suspension lamp is very modern! The Botti Diamond Suspension Lamp is made with a sophisticated gold-plated finish and it showcases the high-quality craftsmanship culture.


luxurious bathroom with a beautiful chandelier and glamorous bathroom


The Newton Freestanding is a statement piece designed to meet the demands of individuals seeking the best in contemporary furniture design combined with beautiful workmanship and high-quality materials.


large bathroom with two washbasin and mirrors beautifully designed


Allow yourself to hear the call and incorporate this charming and nature-inspired Cay Retangular mirror into your glamorous bathroom.


retangular and handcrafted mirror



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