big sofa living room with a floor lamp
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Mid-Century Sofa Ideas For Your Living Room

Mid-Century Sofa


The living room is a multi-functional place in your own home. The living room is a multi-functional place within your own home. Whether to relax, watch TV, or socialize with friends. Therefore, a space that is visually beautiful is essential and, of course, comfort is essential! The living room sofa is typically the largest – if not the most expensive – item in the room and is frequently the most dominant piece, so it’s no wonder that it determines the room’s aesthetic. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for living room ideas because Best Interior Designers separated some great sofas for you to inspire your living room.


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In partnership with Studiopepe, Essential Home designed this perfect artsy sofa. Fitzgerald Modular Sofa is a circular and large furniture piece with a low backrest and a cockpit structure. This sofa illustrates that art and interior design can coexist if you have the appropriate eye for it.


Green velvet sofa


Designed by Humbert & Poyet, this ambiance is not a living room but actually the new Beefbar Paris restaurant. It screamsMid-Century and this sofa could totally be in any living room.


living room by Humbert & Poyet


House of Boca do Lobo NYC


Velvet really brings this mid-century refined touch to the room. For the perfect finishing feel, add velvet cushions for a truly wonderful living room scheme.


grey velvet sofa in a light and white with golden details


This sofa is a mid-century luxurious detail that any living room needs! So gorgeous!


two seat sofa in a pink living room




Form follows function in the Mid-Century Design Style, thus functionality is crucial. This sofa looks comfortable and glamorous! We also love the colour addition in the rug.


golden living room and large sofa



The Mid-Century design style is very much about an exploration of different traditional as well as nontraditional materials


big sofa living room with a floor lamp


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