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Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Contemporary living room

Contemporary living room design is always fun and it leads you to the inspiration you might need to decorate your space! It is a very dynamic and daring style that allows you to push some boundaries – since it breaks traditions. We need to break the feeling that has been lingering on these past two years and contemporary design lets us get accustomed to the new year. From unusual lines to the use of bold textures and colors, it will surely make a very harmonized space with a balance of aesthetic and functionality.

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Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Defined by comfort and sleek lines, the contemporary decor makes us push some boundaries. It is a style that plays with textures and designs, and it can be bold while being fresh. Modern contemporary designs bring together a timeless journey in which the elements that belong to each other create a harmonized space. Combining straight strong lines with organic ones will beautify any space.

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Contemporary Living Room Ideas

This living room is graced by the Oreas Sofa in a beautiful beige color. This furniture piece surely complements the rest of the room, as well as it creates some dynamism due to its design.


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Contemporary Living Room Ideas

What makes this living room stand out is the straight lines. They are all around, including the Lallan Center Table, combined with different materials and finishes.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

To some, less is more and this living room proves exactly that. Its simple design is graceful and serene, and it is accentuated by the Essex Corner Sofa.

Let nature’s tones inspire you to make a truly beautiful space. This living room opted for earthy tones in blue, white, and beige and created a serene environment. The Shinto Rectangle Center Table by taking inspiration from culture gave this a nice twist.


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The Fitzroy Corner Sofa has an organic design that benefits this space.

Dark tones can create comfortable spaces perfect for the coldest seasons. This design looks marvelous with all its details and different textures.

Minimalism lets you play with colors and different textures, which can allow you to create a room that fits your personality.

Natural light always emphasizes any design, especially this one that has all its inspiration taken from nature. The Feline Rug surely makes a difference in design with its exquisite geometric pattern.


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Monochromatic looks can look wonderful, and it surely makes this room feel fresh and unique.

This moody space really calls for a lazy Friday night. One in which we can just focus on movies and tv series.


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