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18 Living Room Ideas To Accommodate Your Guests

Living Room Ideas

Our living room is probably the go-to division where we receive our guests and host amazing soirées, enjoying friend’s company.  That’s exactly why Best Interior Designers has an 18 ideas list for you to get inspired!

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Wonderfully put together, with a tasteful and contemporary architecture, this living room, designed by Rowan Mahrous in partnership with Covet House, mixes contemporary with luxury style, combining neutral and brave tones. A perfect choice to enjoy and sit in a comfortable and, at the same time, functional space. The combo between classical and modern pieces will be definitely a soul´s relief.

If you want to give your living room a cultural accent, the Heritage Sideboard will be the perfect piece. Covered in traditional hand-painted tiles – Azulejos – with different scenes from the Discovery Era, it will take the center stage.

18 Living Room Ideas To Accommodate Your Guests

A mid-century furniture option is also a great idea, for a more fun and playful room. Edith Sideboard is a good example of a high-end piece, built with solid wood and soft velvet.

This contemporary living room has a soothing color palette and it’s the perfect combination between simplicity and luxurious ambiance. The Fitzgerald Modular Sofá fits like a glove in this room.

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A Modern gold and bright living room, contrasting with the marble details on the coffee table and grey sofas, can be the most stunning view. Take a look at how the Waterfall II Big Wall lamp, by LUXXU completes the whole mood!

18 Living Room Ideas To Accommodate Your Guests

Here we can see how “Classic meets Cool”, with some pieces being inspired on a more classical decor, while others show a modern inspiration. The Essex Armchair brings charisma to the wholesomeness of this room.

High-contrast is key, between neutral, black, and gold in this picture. In the corner, we can see how the Pharo Floor lamp blends in some of the tones of this living room.

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18 Living Room Ideas To Accommodate Your Guests

When we look at this decor, the word that comes up is sophisticated. The Majestic Chandelier enhances the romantic side and is also able to adapt itself to any style.

A neutral color palette seems to play the part as the most popular ch0ice. A rumble between simplistic and elegant works pretty well in this interior decor, as the mid-century Botti Table lamp takes the stage, above the sideboard.

18 Living Room Ideas To Accommodate Your Guests

Sometimes the best inspiration for Interior Design is the contrast created by the collision between 18th-century and modern design. Lapiaz Oval center table is perfect for this effect.

This space to entertain is trendy and modern. A grey palette upholstery matches perfectly with the surrounding gold pieces.

The Lapiaz Mirror works as a statement piece. Contemporary design is represented by both the diamond cut on the sideboard and also by the mirror’s gold details.

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This living room reflects luxury. All gold hints are perfectly placed, in order to create the best flow. The suspended-gold chandeliers are very imponent.

A mixture of textures reigns in this dark, but, classy, living room. The gigantic suspended chandelier takes the award for the statement piece!

As the exquisite room that a living room is, the Diamond Chocolate sideboard could only be placed here. All of the perfectly sculpted cuts make it a unique piece, to complete the design in this image.

18 Living Room Ideas To Accommodate Your Guests

A blue-toned living room is always a good idea! Especially if it contemplates Culture, with peculiar pieces like the Heritage Sideboard!

Mid-century touches make this living room work, even with minimalistic decor. Just take a look at how the Essex Armchair gives it a pop of color.

Marble floors remind us of luxury. This entire room breathes high-end! The flawless white and bright table, with accents of gold creates a elegant contrast.

Exquisite taste is represented in this living room. Marble floors and gold plated details are all around the room. The Eden center table, by Boca do Lobo, stands out.

18 Living Room Ideas To Accommodate Your Guests

A contemporary-minimalist corner with distinguished textures and a very neutral color palette. Look how the Wormley side table keeps it very trendy!

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