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Diamond Sideboard: The Jewel Of The Crown In Boca do Lobo’s Design

Diamond Sideboard

The Diamond Sideboard is born as a precious jewel, with cutting-edge lines to challenge the boundaries of form. This opulent sideboard reflects Boca do Lobo’s passion for craftsmanship, honoring it by creating contemporary and exclusive design pieces that stay ahead of their time!

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For numerous civilizations, diamonds are assumed to be a symbol of strength and endurance, reminiscing power and luxury. With this bright concept in mind, the luxury furniture brand has brought to life the exclusive Diamond Sideboard, aiming to bring the feeling of fierceness, power, sophistication, and exclusiveness to every interior space.


Diamond Sideboard: The Jewel Of The Crown In Boca do Lobo’s Design

This exclusive design piece is conceived to create a synthesis of elegant and harmonious aesthetics, just like diamonds do. Marvelous details and a precious emerald tone offer a timeless look and a contemporary feel to modern interiors. Led by courage and creativity the Diamond Sideboard boosts feelings of passion and authenticity, carrying the best of craftsmanship.

Diamond Sideboard: The Jewel Of The Crown In Boca do Lobo’s Design

Influenced by the deconstructivism movement of postmodern architecture, the contemporary storage sideboard is conceived from wood and covered by silver leaf finished with a distinct translucent shade of emerald and high gloss varnish on top. It features two highly sculpted drawers and two doors, leading to a remarkable gold leaf interior. Layer by layer, leaf gilding is one of the most treasurable and richest crafts techniques.

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To produce the exclusive Diamond Sideboard, Boca do Lobo’s master artisans use one of the most luxurious ancient crafting techniques, Leaf Gilding. This is a decorative technique in which master artisans apply a very thin coating of metal, usually gold, to solid surfaces. Gold leaves are created from gold that is hammered into thin sheets by gold beating, then they will be used for leaf gilding. The finest craftsmanship arises from the perfect marriage between ancient skills and mechanical methods to conceive the real expression of exclusivity and high collectible design.

Diamond Sideboard: The Jewel Of The Crown In Boca do Lobo’s Design

This contemporary sideboard is sensuously sharp yet with alluring details of 19th century Romanticism that inspire and ignites excitement and wonder to the surroundings. All versions represent an unexpected way to give a timeless touch and to carry the legacy of those who built it.

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Diamond Sideboard: The Jewel Of The Crown In Boca do Lobo’s Design

Diamond Sideboard: The Jewel Of The Crown In Boca do Lobo’s Design

A different take on this iconic piece, the Diamond undergoes a process of Metamorphosis and enters a new aesthetic realm. The Diamond Metamorphosis Sideboard questions the meaning of beauty and seeks to provoke a reaction.

Presenting a luxurious shade of translucent chocolate brown, the Diamond Chocolate Sideboard will make a splash in any interior design.

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Last but not least, Boca do Lobo presents the Diamond Pyrite Sideboard, reinvented as a remarkable outcome of architectural thinking with a powerful glistening effect. The luxury furniture brand offers a world of endless possibilities, as every exclusive design piece is able to be customized, from sizes to colors!


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