Glossy diamond shaped bathtub in a luxurious bathroom with beautiul chandelier
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Luxurious Bathroom Ideas For You

Luxurious Bathroom Ideas | Best Interior Designers separated for you the most incredible ideas for your luxurious bathroom decoration. With these inspirations, you will make more of an impact in your space and stun your guests. There are several pieces of furniture, textures, and colors that you can explore and will lift up your bathroom. 


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Oliver M Furth, an Interior Designer from  Los Angeles, inspired by the ocean, designed this bathroom that takes us there with a creative and stimulating mix of Lighting and Blue Painting. So creative and glamourous!


malibu bathroom white washbasin


Adding metal and golden details can make a bathroom feel fancy and polished.


brown wooden console golden details circular mirror


A diamond is synonymous with luxury and power. This Diamond Bathtub has unique lines that boost a built-in oval tub that will provide you with the most comfortable baths in the world.


gloss black varnish diamond shape bathtub


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One of the ways to bring warmth into a bathroom with decor is an area rug. This one blends perfectly with this scenario and perfect diamond bathtub.


bathtub designed in fiberglass with a luxurious faux-marble painting glossy dark bathroom


These artistic pieces will enhance your new Master Bathroom Design. The Newton Bathtub is an outstanding moment of design inspiration.


Green bathroom with high-gloss black and gold lacquered spheres bubbles


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Fabulous chandelier in a marble bathroom, with a modern bathtub that features a wooden structure, finished in a high gloss black varnish. So gorgeous!


Glossy diamond shaped bathtub in a luxurious bathroom with beautiul chandelier


We are literally in love with this bathroom and with the KOI Bathtub! The name of this contemporary bathtub and the Japanese word for love are homophones, making the carp a symbol of love and affection.


aged brushed brass bathtub plants in the bathroom


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