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Vesta Architects | Symbiotic Spaces Honoring Environment And Inhabitat

Vesta Architects is a bespoke architecture practice established by Vidya Srinivasan based out of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu that specializes in contemporary architecture. Designing symbiotic spaces which honor both their environment and inhabitat is what Vesta Architects does best!

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Adithya Convention Center

This enormous conference center contains five banquet/party halls, one main hall, a spacious lawn, and subterranean parking. It can accommodate more than 5,000 people at a time. This opulent entrance gate is designed, and the compound wall includes a precast component. The exterior landscape, with appropriate plants and trees, and the elevation facade, which is treated with glazing work and laser-cut patterns, are aimed to make this construction more appealing. The interior of the hall is decorated with appropriate decor and embellishments based on the white-based wall color.

Marks Engineering-Machine Shop

This is a very well-maintained, high-class industrial property with a 90,000 sq. ft. size in the Annur zone, Coimbatore. This area is used for machinery installation and testing. This structure has “A” roofing, and the external landscape is well-designed. It has an RCC-finished office building with a canteen that can serve approximately 100 people. This building’s elevation facade is done in a color scheme.

Kumaran Mahal

Vesta Architects’ goal is to optimize the design beyond the client’s requirements to create a world-class multi-purpose hall that may be used for events. This 7.5-acre site situated in Kovilpalayam, Coimbatore, is encompassed by a banquet hall, a dining hall, and a kitchen. This complex site profile allows for the creation of unique building forms. It can hold around 2,000 people. In this facility, open parking, scenery, and the open courtyard between the banquet and dining hall all play an important role.

Mr. Mylsamy’s Residence

The design concept was to create fascinating spaces and aspects in the building to produce a stunning contemporary house for Mr. Mylsamy’s family. The main entrance is greeted by a Buddha statue, a tranquil water body surrounded by plants, and followed by the main doorway. The main foyer’s natural stone wall cladding adds elegance, and the main doorway opens to a highlighted wall. Natural light and ventilation have been incorporated into this home both visually and functionally. The ground floor features an open floor plan with formal and informal living and dining areas, as well as two bedrooms. The staircase leads to the first floor, which holds the majority of the bedroom spaces. The home is intended to be as spacious and comfortable as possible.

The Echo Point – Aavaas

From the beauty of cutting-edge contemporary design and scenic landscape to the convenience of everything that you need being in the vicinity, THE ECHO POINT – Aavaas offers its inhabitants a life of unmatched luxury. The Echo Point – Avaas is a residential project near Coimbatore International Airport. This appealing homely structure holds seven housing units, four of 3BHK and three of 2BHK each typical level, all of which are skillfully built with spatial arrangements. The view from these dwelling units is soothing, and the adequate ventilation and natural light add to their charm.

The Echo Point – Nivasan Plaza

The Echo Point is a massive structure built on around 1.5 acres of ground near Coimbatore International Airport. The Plaza is a business area with a large entrance on the ground level that encompasses a commercial and an apartment complex within an efficient site layout. The modern glass facade is the building’s most attractive and identifiable feature. Vesta Architects implemented the “open plan,” which is heavily discussed in modern design, and it also generates a sense of openness that embraces natural daylight and ventilation. The landscape elements on either side of this structure provide both a visual treat and a soothing feature.


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