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Fahed + Architects | Breathtaking Design Projects In Dubai

Fahed + Architects is a multidisciplinary boutique architectural practice established in 2005, with offices in DubaiBali and Kochi. They do Master Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Exhibition Spaces, Art Installations, etc. The practice – one of the few charter members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) from Kerala (India) – has received numerous accolades, including the Gold Leaf Award from the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA).

Flying House

The Green Valley residence is a single-story unit located on a 1.35-acre property. This four-bed room unit is self-sufficient in terms of its power requirement. The building has been designed around the landscape. A lot of priority has been given to landscape. The roofing system is a composite one that has external aluminum and internal timber. All the light fixtures used are LED based. Rainwater is also harvested at the site through percolation channels and underground storage wells.

Grand Cinnamon Resort

It is within this picturesque scenery of classic grandeur on lake Vembanad that Fahed + Architects spotted an opportunity for a new, ultra-modern private luxury resort – and the Grand Cinnamon was born. The 120-room waterside luxury resort was developed for a private client in Cochin. The approach was to blend the resort into the landscape, taking design cues from contemporary architecture and inspirations in nature. There is nothing in comparison, in terms of style and natural beauty. The vision was to build a contemporary sustainable property with a series of rooms that subtly float like a cloud over the grand lake, fashioning each room to have its own view of the lake and surroundings.

Istana Bambu

Located in the hills overlooking the beautiful paddy fields of Ubud, the Istana Bambu is a gorgeous getaway nature resort with a stunning natural panorama. The lush tropical landscape is dotted with natural spring pools and the rainforest on one end and the rice fields on the other. Strategically located in the heart of Ubud, there are plenty of empyrean temples and local attractions in proximity. This is a six-villa property with each Bamboo villa having its own personality, with multiple bedrooms and amenities. These units are all set amidst lush greenery with a plunge pool and a large rope hammock that overlooks the stepped paddy fields. With walls, ceiling and floor entirely made of bamboo, this structure connects oneself to nature on the whole. With large openings, the spaces are naturally lit with rainforest light and the distinction between the interior and the exterior has been perfectly blurred.

The Bunker Bar

The Bunker Bar is a rustic mid-century-inspired pub in the heart of the city that never sleeps. With its unique 1960’s charm, the Bunker bar is one of the most unique and quirkiest bars in the city. An old factory building that was used by the Soviet Era is being renovated to include a new pub. The old brick building was well preserved and has been incorporated into the décor as much as possible. The concept behind the interiors was to repurpose the style of old-world charm prevalent in Georgia in a modern and contemporary approach. Combined with brick vaults and exposed brick masonry walls to period furniture, this is an amazing retro bar that is fuelled by retro music and art. The specialty of this bar is one gets to enjoy wine straight out of the wooden barrels stacked up against the walls.

Sky Pa Sand

From the outset, Fahed + Architects decided to take an innovative sculptural approach, exploiting the brief to shape a structure with myriad cuboids intersecting to form the primary mass. The multifaceted lightweight fabric structure was proposed for an international Airline Company announcing its presence in Dubai, UAE. The structure, though located on Sheikh Zayed Road, has low-rise individual residential units as its far background. The 1440sqm site is defined by the arid and sandy ground and the beautiful sky that forms its background. At a pedestrian level, it’s the sandy ground and the deep blue sky that defines the structure. As the sun sets, the structure lights up incrementally and takes on a lighter intensity towards late evening. The lightscape of the structure has been addressed with utmost concern so as to limit overlighting the sky and thereby reduce night sky pollution.

The Silent House

The Silent House is a uniquely attractive 2550 sqft single-storied residence set in 0.72 acres of tranquil greens along the banks of the Kallada River at Puthoor. The visual connectivity supplemented by the presence of lush greenery and water was a key component of the design conception and process. This residence is an excellent example of sustainable architecture where the stress has been on the use of recycled and vernacular materials using local artisans’ skills. The walls of this house are made of stacked-up recycled terracotta roofing tiles. The most commonly available local materials, wood and stone, have been used extensively all over the house. These roof tiles are used on the roof as well as the walls thus creating a typical traditional Kerala house with a contemporary touch. The residence has been designed with consideration to sustainability in terms of lighting, ventilation, solar power and rainwater.



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