The Best Design Projects in Palermo
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The 12 Best Design Projects in Palermo

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The 12 Best Design Projects in Palermo! Every city contains a number of undiscovered designers and Palermo is no exception. We at Best Interior Designers always look for inspiration in the most varied places, where Interior design is born and rejuvenates different ideas and thoughts. We leave you with 12 amazing design projects in this city!


Casa NIR by Giuseppe Gurrieri

Casa NIR is an apartment located on the fifth floor of a condominium built in the historic center of upper Ragusa. The building is located in the place of an important noble palace which in the 60s was the subject of a questionable operation of partial demolition and reconstruction.


Casale del Principe Hotel by Alberto Apostoli 

A Stunning Hospitality Project of Alberto Apostoli in Sicily (2)

amazing Italian designer Alberto Apostoli accomplished in Sicily, more specifically in Monreale, a characteristic town in the Jato valley. It’s in this town that we can find the sumptuous hotel ” Casale del Principe”, a sublime agritourism farm surrounded by the walls of a monastery of the XVII century that appears to be suspended in time.


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Casa Rifleti by Giuseppe Di Prima 

The Best Design Projects in Palermo

Giuseppe Di Prima is the co-founder“SQUAR-e Architecture. Nominated among the best designers of his region, Sicily, Di Prima has a portfolio of several works in showrooms of the most important made-in-Italy brands and private residences. His style is reflected on this Palermo property full of color, elegance and funcionality.


Contemporary Townhouse by Stefano Sanfilippo

The Best Design Projects in Palermo

Stefano Sanfilippo leads a studio that deals with architectural design, interventions on the existing, interior design, design and graphic design, bespoke furniture design, and for international brands. The studio approach to the project begins with a precise analysis of the place, respecting the existing, the history, and the morphological characteristics of the site. That’s why the transformation of this amazing Townhouse worked so well.


Davide Cipolla’s Contemporary Mansion

Davide Cipolla

Davide Cipolla is part of the Scalaunocento Studio. He is known for using modern lines that are a constant style in his projects, as well as the use of high-quality Italian materials like he did in a contemporary mansion he designed for a high paying customer.


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High-End Casa LM by Luigi Smecca

The Best Design Projects in Palermo

Architect Luigi Smecca, the owner of the Luigi Smecca Architetti professional studio, is a former university professor in monument restoration, that subsequently specialized in design, interior design, integrated design, brand & design, architect home and Building Technology. One of his final creations is the Casa Lm in Palermo that has amazing contemporary ideas and furnishings.


House Style Project by Massimiliano Masellis Architetti

House Style Project by Massimiliano Masellis Architetti

Massimiliano Masellis Architetti + is an architecture and design studio based in Palermo that develops its research in the fields of architectural design, interior design, and product design.  This project exemplifies the passion of this studio for everything contemporary and modern!


Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu


House S by RuffinoAssociati

The Best Design Projects in Palermo

A rural house in the Madonie, to be transformed into an excellent accommodation facility. This was the request made by the client a year and a half ago to our studio. A long and maniacal path that led us to the realization of architecture with simple volumes, great perspective views and pure lines that confront the sea and the surrounding mountains.


Panto Rooftop Boutique by Puccio Collodoro Architetti studio

Japanese-inspired Mediterranean minimalism. In the heart of the center of Palermo, a few steps from the historic Vucciria market and Piazza San Domenico, Pànto – Rooftop Boutique Rooms is born, the latest project signed by the Sicilian studio PuccioCollodoro Architetti. A receptive structure, which despite its small size, for its finishes with attention to every detail, aspires to a five-star positioning.

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Riccardo Agnelo’s Project

From 1974 to today, Riccardo Agnello’s studio has designed more than 500 apartments, villas and country houses and over 100 professional studios.

From 1974 to today, Riccardo Agnello’s studio has designed more than 500 apartments, villas, and country houses and over 100 professional studios. This project is only one of the latest examples.


Studio Didea’s project

Studio Didea is an integrated architecture, interior, branding, and design firm based in Palermo. After an in-depth analysis of the urban and historic project’s context, for this project, DiDea design approach started from the very first concept to the working plan, through a precise choice of artisans and contractors and a careful works supervision, maintaining a continuous dialogue with the clients, so as to meet their needs and desires. The end result is insight.


Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte


TER Project by Studio Sal 14

The TER project is located in the historic center of Terrasini, a few steps from the cathedral and the sea.  The design has been addressed from the outset to the absolute flexibility of the property that, thanks to two separate accesses and through “walls” sliding, can also be enjoyed as 3 separate units each having its own services.


Other Projects in Italy


 Hotel Castello Lake Front by Caberlon Caroppi

The 12 Best Design Projects in Palermo

The 12 Best Design Projects in Palermo

 Caberlon Caroppi and DelightFULL worked so perfectly together! They create the right environment for Hotel Castello in Italy. Here’s a bedroom where mid-century modern style is rocking!

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