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Alberto Pinto: Designer and traveller

BRABBU upholstery Malay chair

Born in Casablanca (Morocco) to Argentinean parents Alberto Pinto spend most of his childhood traveling the world. This various cultural influences in the early years greatly influenced his style and vision as a designer.


Having finished the “Ecole du Louvre” in Paris he founded a photography agency in New York specializing in interior design and decoration. Throughout the years he managed to surround himself with the best international artisans.


His projects embrace a great variety of interiors from apartments and private homes, through residences, ranches, palaces, offices and hotels to yachts, jets and castles. From classic, to modern or oriental style, every space and every room he created has is unique. With high-end clientele coming from all over the world, Alberto Pinto had a chance to work with the greatest of this world.

hotels & offices jet & yacht

Today the agency he started consists of 60 talented designers specializing not only in residential projects but also yachts, jets, hotels, office buildings and commercial spaces. The agency resides on the five floors of a 17th century private residence at the Place des Victories in Paris called Hôtel de la Victorie.


The evidence of his amazing work can be found in numerous publication featuring the pictures of the finished projects – “Alberto Pinto: World Interiors” or “Alberto Pinto: Today”.