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New York Modern Interior Design Excellence By Sheridan&co

New York


From New York to the world: Sheridan&Co presents us modern interior design like never seen before!




Michael Sheridan and his wife had a vision and a passion for design that was quickly transformed and elevated to an interior design company founded in 1983, and that is now a reference for design across the world. A global retail design agency that is now known for their creativity and personalized experiences for clients, we now present you Sheridan&Co and their incredible modern interior design projects.


New York Modern Interior Design Excellence By Sheridan&co
Anastasia Beverly Hills Retail project

It’s been thirty-five years of existence for Sheridan&Co, one of the most well-known retail design agencies in the world, and with it comes a long portfolio of stunning projects to inspire design lovers everywhere, but also an undeniable knowledge in interior design, in client experiences and what’s trendy. Armed with these weapons, Sheridan&Co is able to give a personalized experience for each client, achieving incredible modern interior design projects wherever they go.


New York Modern Interior Design Excellence By Sheridan&co



New York Modern Interior Design Excellence By Sheridan&co
Morphe Retail project

We manage projects based on the personality of the brand but also on the psychology of shoppers.
– Michael Sheridan


Experience Modern Interior Design Excellence With Sheridan&Co_2 (1)
Douglas Retail project

They always take into consideration the brand and the client so they can present a commercial interior design project where the shoppers experience meets the brand’s personality. Simply put, they ignite the consumer’s love through exceptional brand storytelling, adding generously to every project to tell the story and philosophy of the brand.


New York Modern Interior Design Excellence By Sheridan&co
Bucherer Retail project

Sheridan&Co‘s experience goes far and wide, having implemented numerous projects in every corner of the world. With their experience with different markets, brands, consumers, and store groups, they are able to achieve excellence with every project. With offices in London, New York, Shanghai, and Leicestershire, they work with a global approach that is efficient for their clients and enlightening for the entire team.


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New York Modern Interior Design Excellence By Sheridan&co
Fenty Beauty Retail project

With a 360º approach to design, they offer a personalized experience to their clients that takes each project as a whole. Their diverse team easily tackles every issue with knowledge and creativity, and each project is treated with the same professional, fluid, efficient and innovative approach.


We are a great team, working in an exciting industry undergoing perpetual change.
– Michael Sheridan

New York Modern Interior Design Excellence By Sheridan&co
Kat Von D Retail project

Some of their projects include pop-up stores, branding, and packaging, retail stores, etc, with some of the most known clients being Anastasia Beverly Hills, Morphe, Fenty Beauty, Kat Von D, Bucherer, Douglas and others.


If you wish to know more about Sheridan&Co and their incredible modern interior design projects, check out theirwebsite.

36 East 31st Street
Room 1003
New York
NY 10016 USA

T: +1 212 625 1666
F: +1 212 625 1412


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