Inspirational Saudi Woman Designer Rawan AlSahsah
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Inspirational Saudi Woman Designer: Rawan AlSahsah

Rawan Alsahsah is the founder and the sénior designer of RIS, which is the one of leading established architecture and interior design firms in all the middle east.Inspirational Saudi Woman Designer Rawan AlSahsah

Rawan brings all the experience and graceful style, which has enabled her to create interior that are extremely sophisticated while remaining approachable and timeless. Rawan believes that interiors should naturally reflect the client personality.
She is a designer that works throughout all the middle east, and she have diverse clients in all diferente places, making her a sublime interior designer.

Rawan describes RIS designs as “functional, superior and elegant”.Inspirational Saudi Woman Designer Rawan AlSahsahRawan’s have a commitment to the environment which is reflected by her creative eco-environmental designs. Her pledge in achieving a harmony between design and nature is primarily what led her to study Feng Shui.

This practice of the Feng Shui emphasizes the need for people to live in harmony with their environment.

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Alsahsah tries to release a vision of RIS through the premier full design solution provider. They services include interior design, architecture, design implementation supervision and execution. RIS leaves no creative stone unturned and acts as the pivotal stone for all comercial and residential real estate development ventures.

The values of RIS is the creativity, customer satisfaction and commitment, three reasonable values that should make RIS an unique company.
Rawan Alsahsah projects are often characterized by a minimalist appearance, because of its emphasis on de-cluttering, but its principles are compatible with virtually any style of architecture or interior design.Inspirational Saudi Woman Designer Rawan AlSahsahThe mission of Rawan’s is to create partnerships with their clientes, to work hand in hand towards mutual success and optimal returns. We are committed to provide well-integrated comprehensive framework of professional services.

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