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Covet Lighting: Be Inspired By A Cutared Selection Of New Products

Covet Lighting

The latest new products have arrived! Always in the front of luxury designCovet Lighting presents its all-new set of highly curated pieces for 2022. A book filled with items ready to inspire and help you achieve every interior design aesthetic. Displaying a panoply of categories and styles, you won’t need any other tool to fulfill your dream projects. One book, hundreds of designs, thousands of products.


Covet Lighting: Be Inspired By A Cutared Selection Of New Products

When creating Botti Diamond Suspension Lamp, the designers took the iconic structure handmade in brass, boosted with a sophisticated gold-plated finish, and elevated it with small series of aluminum spheres creating the unique modern diamond shape, just like it was a precious stone. Following the same steps that the brand’s best-seller, this modern lighting fixture showcases the high-quality craftsmanship culture that is rooted in the brand’s values.

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Covet Lighting: Be Inspired By A Cutared Selection Of New Products

Kirk Table Lamp is inspired by the iconic Roland Kirk, DelightFULL’s Kirk mid-century table lamp is characterized by its artisanship. Handmade with the finest materials, this exquisite mid-century modern desk lamp features brass and aluminum with a marble touch. With timeless elegance, Kirk has the perfect shape for any home office. Versatile and adaptable this anglepoise desk lamp features a boasting design that will leave an impression.

Covet Lighting: Be Inspired By A Cutared Selection Of New Products

The Marble Caves (also known as Cuevas de Mármol) are one of the most magnificent natural phenomena in the world, located on a solid marble peninsula in the Patagonian Andes. The forms of the metal champagne utilized in this Mármol Wall Lamp were inspired by these caverns, which were carved with amazing organic flowing shapes. Also, the choice of this material was inspired by the water reflecting on the cave walls, replicating the many colors and tones reflected in the cave and producing a distinctive, eye-catching lighting element for your walls.

Covet Lighting: Be Inspired By A Cutared Selection Of New Products

Inspired by the showstopping Shard London Bridge, this chandelier is a unique piece whose powerful design is akin to a work of art. Made from gold-plated brass and crystal glass, allow the Shard Chandelier to take the spotlight in your projects and you will not be disappointed.

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Goodman Suspension Lamp, inspired by the incredible jazz musician Benny Goodman, is an elegant suspension lamp that will light up any design project or room. A memorable piece, Goodman Suspension Lamp features golden finishes and black matte in a modern and classic twist that makes this lamp so special and unique. This luxurious lamp with fashionable round shapes will be a statement piece for any modern home decor.

Tycho Wall Lamp is just like a discovery, this item brings from the past the way to look beyond. Inspired by the most unusual planetarium in the world and its reflection on the water conveys the intimate lighting using materials like brass with gold plated and crystal glass. The ideal combination to be used as a single wall lighting or in harmony with other elements in the same area.

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Carter Floor Lamp is the lighting piece your modern home decor has been looking for. Inspired by the discoveries of the universe, Carter has all the details to be a memorable lighting piece. This bespoke design is handmade in brass, and it has two shades with a soft casting light that will transform any residential or hospitality project! Create the perfect ambiance with this mid-century modern lighting.


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