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Discover The Best Luxury Houses Book By DelightFULL

Luxury Houses

If you’re looking to add to your library this year, look no further than the best Luxury Homes book! It’ll delight, surprise, and inspire. This book features it all: the grandiose New York apartment, the incredible Saint-Tropez house of Carlo Donati, and much more! From top interior designers’ legacy projects to practical tips for the everyday homeowner, you’ll find everything you need in these densely illustrated pages!

Luxury Houses Book


Discover The Best Luxury Houses Book By DelightFULL

Discover The Best Luxury Houses Book By DelightFULL

While trends lure you in with their tempting appeal, nothing beats the global charm and timeless appeal of modern and mid-century styles. DeligthFULL and Essential Home has, once again, joined forces to create a stunning one-of-a-kind modern house that teaches us the right way to go all-neutral! Explore this incredible NYC house and grab some ideas for your own Spring Home Renovation!

casa donati


Discover The Best Luxury Houses Book By DelightFULL

The design team behind this dazzling décor decided to keep spaces bright, minimal and full of unique furnishing and lighting. A home with a strong European influence that blended the lines between modern and more old-world aesthetics—a home that feels clean and simple but with depth in character. Take the tour and see the old-meets-new fusion for yourself, and then watch your eyes light up as you go!

Located on the beautiful coast of Saint Tropez, in the Côte D’Azur region with a wonderful ocean view, this house is the luxury definition. A project featuring pieces from Essential Home and DelightFULL, two brands that represent the mid-century luxury style. Saint Tropez in the south of France is, nowadays, the trendiest location of the French Riviera. Throughout the years, this location became prominent due to the influx of cinema and music artists. Currently, Saint Tropez is seen by the American and European jet set and tourists as a resort.

Matheny Family


Discover The Best Luxury Houses Book By DelightFULL

A modern spacious entering space with marble walls that create such a majestic environment. Right upfront, there is the amazing combination of the wooden Vittorio Sideboard from Essential Home with the golden Brubeck Wall Lamps from DelightFULL. The floor is almost fully covered with the Claudia Rug creating a comfortable environment right when entering. From this luxury entrance, there is a great glass view and access to the other areas of the house.

Philip Tang and Brian Ip are the minds behind Ptang Studio Limited’s incredible design projects. The philosophy of the Hong Kong well-established design firm is to go back to basics and create something unique, functional, and beautiful.



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