emerald sofa blue living room
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Living Room Ideas with a Splash of Color and Elegance

Living Room Ideas with a Splash of Color and Elegance


Best Interior Designers have come up with some furniture ideas that make any living room cooler, modern, but yet still elegant! Oftentimes, an environment can be much more fun by adding a more attention-grabbing color or a cool pattern rug. Let’s see some ideas!


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Drake/Anderson is a design firm that is responsible for some of the most luxurious interior design projects in New York. Therefore, we bring two living rooms inspirations from projects created by them.


Drake Anderson Downtown yellow aarmchair

Between a decoration of neutral tones and golden details, the yellow color brought out highlights and left the atmosphere more cheerful. The image below stands out with the blue sofa and the armchair in darker blue, contrasting with the rest of the elements in the living room.


blue navy armchair in living room


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In addition to Boca do Lobo’s iconic Eden Gold center table, this red armchair brought a more vibrant feel to this living room.


red armchair living room


This yellow-toned living room calls for summer! This interior design with edgy gold furniture combined with a patterned rug is just lovely.


yellow pillows and safari rug in living room


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This armchair from Boca Lobo in shades of blue and emerald green is a must!


emerald sofa blue living room


The Lola round rug, with its irreverent geometric design, adds an unusual look to this reading spot, proving that these tones produce a warm sensation in our ambiance.


chic brown lether chair and geometric rug


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This room, which had a more sober proposition, was completely changed with the addition of a blue emerald long sofa and a white single sofa. This combination is beautiful!


blue sofa brabbu


A pink diamond console table with a white round mirror makes any room more elegant and fun!


pink console


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Armchairs in shades of blue seem to be a trend in interior design and I have to agree, it brings a beautiful contrast!


blue armchair living room


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