Fiona Barrat: Upholstery Living Rooms' Ideas
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Fiona Barratt – Living Room Upholstery Ideas

Fiona Barratt

Based in the United Kingdom, Fiona Barratt is the leading British Interior Designer at the moment. Founder of Fiona Barratt Interiors, her design philosophy is what makes her stand out. The creative use of colors, textures, and shapes in order to create a mix of bespoke, modern, and antique designs is her trademark.

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Fiona Barrat: Upholstery Living Rooms' Ideas

Created in 2006, Fiona Barratt Interiors is an award-winning multidisciplinary interior architecture and interior design studio based in London’s Pimlico design district. The award-winning company has grown into a successful interior design studio that creates various types of projects. From private and residential, to development projects and also commercial and hospitality, Fiona Barratt Interiors and her team.

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Today, we’re going to display some of Fiona Barratt’s best designs for you to take inspiration from:

Fiona Barrat Contemporary Living Room Design

This is a very cozy and comfortable-looking living room, designed by Fiona Barratt in very neutral-toned colors and with a mixture of textures and shapes, which is the designer’s signature look.

Fiona Barrat luxurious purple living room

This is a great example of how to create a luxurious living room with a pop of color. The color purple has long been associated with wealth and royalty giving this room that powerful feel.

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Mid-Century Living Room

Fiona Barrat Modern and Cozy Living Room Design

For this modern living room, the designer opted for a more neutral and warm color pallet, to make sure the room felt homey and intimate and added some more elegant pieces to keep a modern look. The eclectic chandelier really makes a difference and is the focal point of the room. This is the designers’ signature, the mix of styles, colors, and textures!

Fiona Barrat Attic Living Room

This creative living room design is the perfect example of how Fiona Barratt is capable of completely adapting to the clients’ needs and creating a beautifully modern environment.


Fiona Barrat Living Rooms' Ideas cream living room

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Fiona Barrat Outdoor Space

Fiona Barratt’s design is not just for inside the house, the designer is also marvelous at outdoor decorating. Take a look at this amazing oasis! The cool colors make it perfect for the hot weather and give it a clean, sophisticated look.

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Fiona Barret Classic Living Room Design

Another good example of the designer’s ability to combine different styles and textures: the perfect symbiosis between classic and modern, between light and dark.

Fiona Barrat Contemporary Living room with yellow pops of color

Another great design by Fiona Barratt is this contemporary living room in brownish tones with yellow pops of color. If you take a close look, you’ll notice all of her designs look different but they all have the same conducting line, bringing them together.

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Fiona Barrat Neutral Colored Modern Living Room

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Fiona Barratt Sober Living Room With Library

Like, the last living room, this one also has the same sober color scheme. Despite that, the last one has a very different style and feel to it, which shows how versatile Fiona Barratt’s design style really is.



Covet London’s Luxury Office With Pure Charm

Be Inspired By These Living Room Ideas


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