Interview with Andrea Sensoli
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Andrea Sensoli: Exclusive Interview

Andrea Sensoli


Andrea Sensoli: an exclusive interview with the Dubai-based Designer for Best Interior Designers.

His latest project SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* is a separate division of ASZarchitetti, created by Andrea in order to hand over the concept design activity and creative exercises. Although they’re both part of ASZ Group, SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* was founded with three partners, Cecilia Morosi, Iacopo Mannelli, and Andrea Rettori.


With clients from the luxury segment across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, its aim is to develop unique concepts by the minimal contemporary aesthetic. The group’s holistic approach and close association with the client, has allowed them to grow the horizon of clientele to include Gucci, Cartier, Dior, Prada, Burberry, and Yves Saint Laurent.

The company’s goal is to bridge the gap between futuristic designs and past cultural elements adding value to them.

Interview with Andrea Sensoli

Although Andrea Sensoli admits that the very beginning of his career was challenging, “The most significant challenges were when I had nothing and nobody. I managed to navigate these waters and overcame these challenges by compromising and prioritizing the steps forward.”, he is really passionate about his job and loves the fact that his work is a mixture of everyone’s daily routine, manners, and habits because that’s what makes it real and relatable. When asked if he’s already achieved all of his goals in life, the designer responded in a humble but ambitious way: “Yes and no. I realize how fortunate it is to be where I am, but also I need to fulfill more, push my vision further, and make my structure stronger. Never (…) rest, until your good is better and you better is your best!”


Project by Andrea Sensoli

On every project he takes on, Andrea likes to push everyone beyond to come up with new ideas and think outside of the box. For the designer, being able to execute that, is a way of measuring progress. Being recognized not only by the final client but also by the ordinary public is what really leaves him feeling accomplished. “When our actions are not solely appreciated by the client or the end-users but catch the greater public’s attention, that is a fantastic feeling.”



If I consider that the creation of SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* is the most critical milestone, then we have only just started.I want to express more of our vision through designs and propel this into the future.



Andrea Sensoli uses seductive and enticing language in order to catch his audience’s attention: “Meaningful messages and inherent beauty are what we want to pursue at every step of our communication”. The designer always has ongoing projects ranging from residential to commercial and hospitality. All of his designs have one thing in common: their creative approach. That’s why he is always looking for inspiration everywhere, and trying to incorporate socio-cultural changes that happen in the world, into his work. In his opinion, everything should always be evolving instead of staying the same “That feeling that “if we want everything to remain, then everything must change” is exhilarating.”– he added.

Arquitechtural stairs project by Andrea SensoliMinimalism is still very much en vogue, even though it is often enriched with elements of elegance and some decorations.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast


Valley Mansion Project by Andrea Sonseli

When asked about his type of clients, Andrea admits it’s a very exclusive audience. From private companies and entrepreneurs to people with a clear vision or with a specific request. He believes that is the reason for the success of the company and for its diverse portfolio, from simple products to houses, stores, and even resorts.

His clients pay very close attention to detail and very close attention to the project from the beginning but are also open to new challenges, understanding of the concept that the designer calls “meaningful beauty”.

wooden table washbasin by Andrea Sensoli

The inspiration behind this project was solely its location as many details from the original farmhouse influenced the final design. Andrea’s main goal for this project was to merge this house together with its surrounding landscapes while making it suitable for modern-day life. The designer’s favorite detail is the windows that regulate the indoor/outdoor connection symbolizing the resident’s relationship with the outside.

Grey Living room project by Andrea Sensoli

As for goals for the future, Andrea Sensoli aspires to have a collaboration with the owner of Villa Asciano as he’s a renowned photographer and Andrea loves his work “I’d love to envision that one day we will work together on a personal exhibition. We will push the envelope, and together we will build the complete visitor experience.” – he said.

Annual Sales Covet House



For the future of design, in Andrea’s opinion, technology is the real leader but it also has to be sustainable. “We must take carbon reduction seriously, addressing every element in its lifecycle. It will take a revolution to change our habits, from how we do things and even think about things. We do not solely need to rely on governmental energy policies, and every individual can make better choices.” Andrea Sensoli observed.

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