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Exclusive Interview With Vizline Studio

Vizline Studio

Dedicated designers, CG artists, and architects complete the team from this Studio, based in Minsk, Belarus. Inspired by the universe’s beauty, they try to bring your wildest architectural and design dreams to come true! Como along with Best Interior Designers and get to know more.

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Exclusive Interview With Vizline Studio

Reaching client’s expectations is what this team loves. That and also the moral satisfaction after successfully completing large and complex projects! Teamwork is also a huge and important point when it comes to overcoming difficulties. Every time an obstacle arises, they gather and solve the question, together.


Exclusive Interview With Vizline Studio

When we spoke about dreams, they weren’t unraveled. Guess what? The team says it’s important not to tell them to anyone, otherwise they won’t come true! After being asked if they had already reached all their goals, the answer was that whenever they would achieve a goal, they set themselves to another, and so on.

“It’s not possible to achieve everything in life, otherwise its meaning is lost. We achieve our goals and continue to set new ones moving forward.”

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Exclusive Interview With Vizline Studio

Professional growth in the Interior Design world, positive feedback from clients, and implementation of non-standard and unique projects are what make the Vizline Studio team professionally fulfilled.


Exclusive Interview With Vizline Studio

Vizline Studio’s work is presented to customers through the Behance portal and Instagram, where they also communicate with their clients. Every month the design studio has new projects to work on, that they work, inspired by designers worldwide, photographers, and CGi artists.

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Exclusive Interview With Vizline Studio

Creatively speaking, Vizline Studio affirms that design trends are now creating spaces with concern for health, environmental friendliness, convenience, and practicality, all due to the Pandemic situation we are going through. In the future, when it all calms down, the team would like to work with several global architectural companies.

To Vizline Studio, design and CGi markets are growing every day, and they can’t even point out only one company that stands out in craftsmanship.

“It all depends on the specific area of design and on the demand for its development. In the modern world, everything changes very quickly and it can be difficult to keep up with trends. We think the future belongs to artificial intelligence.”


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