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Exclusive Interview With Celia Sawyer

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Celia Sawyer

Starting with her own small project 25 years ago, Celia Sawyer went on to design residential properties in London. Celia Sawyer Interior Architecture and Design, is now in its 20th year, designing luxury homes, superyachts, aviation, commercial properties, and projects in the leisure industry worldwide. Best Interior Designers has the opportunity to talk with this amazing top interior designer of London and today we will share everything with you!

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Exclusive Interview With Celia Sawyer

What Celia Sawyer most loves about her work is the fact that she can travel a lot to places of different cultures and get to meet interesting people. And she feels fulfilled professionally when her clients are happy with the interior designs that she creates for them!

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She is never boring in life: she always has many things and dreams, and every time she achieves one she always has another dream!

Exclusive Interview With Celia Sawyer

The most challenging time of Celia Sawyer’s career was when she was building a project in the Caribbean and was supposed to be almost finished, just needed the final touches, to find that there were not even any windows or doors fitted, no electrics, water, or light!

Exclusive Interview With Celia Sawyer

Celia Sawyer had to work hard to get a new project manager on board and work with him to make sure we pushed the project ahead as quickly as possible. With covid too, the process was even slowed, but there was no excuse for the extent of what had not happened!




Exclusive Interview With Celia Sawyer

The client type of Celia Sawyer is someone high net worth, who likes great quality and efficiency. He doesn’t mind spending money on great items and something every unique. Celia Sawyer clients live all around the world, so her work is very interesting from that point of view as she felt to design in very different environments.


At the moment, Celia Sawyer is working on a beach house which is a large 2nd home for a lovely couple, they want a real statement chandelier to fill a drop of 9.60m. So she is looking to find something for them but at the same time, and, at the same she is working on some luxury apartments in the Caribbean which will be a challenge as the island is very small so she will be shipping everything out there to decorate the properties. In the future, she is expecting more television opportunities. Also, she is already working on 2 shows for Netflix, channel 4, and BBC 1. So, stay tuned!