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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers | Bearandbunny

Based in Amsterdam Bearandbunny design company proves that design talents can be truly universal. Established in 2002 by Carlijn Kriekaard and John Maatman, Bearandbunny creates daring, interesting spaces for all kinds of clients – private and commercial, hotels and restaurants, coffee houses and showrooms. What is more, they do not stop at designing the interiors, but take it to the next level creating graphic and identity design for brands or even helping to establish the restaurant menu to fit the style.

Some of their most significant lients include: Nike, De Bijenkorf, Supertrash, Supertrash Girls, Lego, Tommy Hilfiger, Iittala, Men at Work, Mexx, Akzo Nobel, CoolCat, America Today, MS Mode, Grand Cafe Usine, Protest, Dept, JC Rags, Carhartt, Ulla Models and Achtung.

Take a look at our favourite projects of Bearandbunny!

Iittala_Amsterdam iittala

caffee 2

caffee 1

apartment 2

apartment 1

america today 2

america today 1