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Kobi Karp: Exclusive Interview

Kobi Karp

The designer’s main motto resembles practical creativity. Kobi Karp has a very sharped ability to understand client needs and how they can be optimally realized within a project’s possibilities, including the developer’s personality, local culture, environment, budgetary parameters and project timelines. Best Interior Designers had the chance to exclusively interview Kobi Karp and today, we’ll tell you all about it!

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The most gratifying aspect of Kobi Karp’s work is how it allows him to design homes and workspaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but designed to fit both the people he designs for and the lifestyles they wish to pursue. “It’s all about forging a seamless, intimate connection between a structure and its surrounding environment.” – he said. For him, the most challenging chapter of his career was the economic recession of 2008. The uncertainty in the housing market was certainly difficult for many and he was not immune to those effects. “Unfortunately, it caused me to be away from my family for long periods of time as well as some of my staff since it was such a time-consuming endeavor. Thankfully, I was able to find other avenues to ride out the crisis which involved opening offices in the UAE.” – explained Kobi Karp. The designer considers himself extremely happy and grateful for what he has accomplished in life so far. “I am a big believer that the joy in life is truly derived from the journey, not the destination. You can say I’ve had the luck of being in the right place at the right time, but honestly, without the hard work, that means nothing.” – said Kobi.

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“I find myself lingering onto the everchanging evolution of architecture, specifically progressing more towards moveable indoor/outdoor spaces that allow a structure to adjust to weather or specific spatial needs. The pandemic we experienced provided us with the understanding of our ability to create sustainable and purposeful outdoor spaces, as well as the utilise environmentally friendly materials that will reduce carbon footprints and maintain sustainability.”

Kobi Karp

Wood Staircasa by Kobi Karp

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According to Kobi Karp, professional fulfillment comes from seeing concepts and designs brought to life. The ability to drive by a structure his firm worked on and see people utilizing the space as they conceived it is a thrill that will never get old. Many times, clients invite them to their homes that they have designed when they have moved in, and to see people inhabit that structure and turn it into their home is amazing. “We believe in architecture that helps create a lifestyle, so we make sure to reach out to the appropriate audience that shares interests in those aspects of architecture and design.” – said Kobi. And added “I speak at various events and participate in numerous panels. We have an avid social media following on Instagram and we post daily and have a lot of engagement there, we have released an Assouline book so that the public can partake in the Kobi Karp Architecture experience.”. Resuming, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to reaching out to the public and to their audience.

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Currently, Kobi and his team are working on several exciting projects, such as the Raleigh, The Shore Club, and Legacy Hotel. There are many exciting projects pending right now which are responding to the current pandemic health and environmental concerns. Upcoming projects include the Raleigh Hotel and Residences neighbouring Richmond and South Seas Hotel in Miami Beach, the SLS Resort Residence & Marina in Hallandale Beach, a new development of the Diplomat Golf and Tennis Club in Hallandale, and the luxury Legacy Hotel and Residences in the Miami World Center. “I draw inspiration from the history and site itself for each individual project. The design of the development is a dynamic relationship between the local environment and the history of the site itself.” – stated Kobi Karp.

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Pool Area By Kobi Karp

Talking about the ultimate trends of the design world, we conclude that exciting trends are geared around health life safety and welfare features that were developed during the pandemic are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and working environment. Kobi defends as well that another trend is moving towards eco-friendly materials that will greatly enhance the sustainability of projects and reduce carbon footprints. Describing his clientele, Kobi said it tends to be upscale luxury home clients or large luxury hotel/condo/resort developers. With their home clientele as well as their commercial developments the client wants to design with sharp clean lines utilizing as much natural light as possible with large open spaces that allow for flexibility and function while utilizing top-end finishes to create a sense of contemporary luxury.

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It is almost impossible to talk about design and interior design without mentioning craftsmanship. And Kobi Karp explained the concept very well. It is known as the process of creating high-quality physical objects using technical expertise. “There are numerous contributions Well-known architects like Sou Fujimoto are making their way into the world of craft, discovering traditional materials and techniques. His experimentation with cultural buildings and artistic studios pushes boundaries, aiming for authentic architecture that leads people far from the overcrowded metropolis.” – he said. Connection to the outdoors is an element of life that is shifting rapidly. Kobi Karp believes that, as architects, they have to integrate environmental and rigid aspects to the linear elements typically found in more modern homes. There is a large disconnect between the man-made architectural environment and the free forms found in nature. He thinks it is something more and more people are realizing is important in their day-to-day lives.

Luxurious Pool By Kobi Karp

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