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Top Mirrors For a Luxury Entryway

Top Mirrors For a Luxury Entryway


Mirrors are items that can make all the difference in most of the rooms. Helps to enlarge very narrow and small spaces. It helps to lighten very dark places when placed in places that reflect a backlight or a window. Therefore, it is very common to have mirrors right at the entrance of a house. Therefore, Best Interior Designers has separated 10 ideas of luxurious mirrors to provide more glamor to your home.


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Details create the big picture, right? That is the fundamental principle of every art manifestation and also the main reason why this handcrafted mirror from Brabbu can be the real showstopper in your hall design. We love the textural beauty here!


Nubian console rustic handcrafted mirror


A house all in white and green deserves details in gold! Round and with gold details, this mirror is the perfect detail for the decoration of any room.


parisian house mirror hallway


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This decorative wall mirror fits perfectly in this hall look.


handcrafted mirror


All the pieces in this hall are unique and bring a lot of character to the house from the beginning. This mirror with geometric details is a piece that will differentiate this room from any other.


geometric gold and bronze mirror


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This marble furniture is a work of art in itself and besides this beautiful and handcrafted mirror, it is synonymous with glamour!


silver mirror handcrafted


This hallway has a modern contemporary wall mirror, as a statement piece. Wonderful!


blue shield mirror


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Sumptuous” would be the best word to describe this hallway. The round gold mirror is a great statement piece!


golden mirror


This entryway is absolutely stunning with its dark tones and contrasting gold details. They give this design an elevated look and a bold feel.




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Glittering and glamorous, a mirror will always add personality to any entryway. Simple, yet very elegant, Vertigo is a round mirror with a gold-plated brass frame. With a sleek design, the details on the framing grant Vertigo a classy appeal.




Sarah Zohar, director of Sarah Z Designs firm, was responsible for this amazing project in a small luxury village in Miami, Florida. This nature-inspired decor is marvelous and this mirror from Boca do Lobo is everything!


A Creative and Functional Aesthetic Project By Sarah Z Designsnature inspired interior design mirror



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