TOP 3 Interior Designers from Paris: Potisek, Champsaur and Joseph Graf 
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TOP 3 Interior Designers from Paris: Potisek, Champsaur and Joseph Graf 

Paris, the capital of fabulous France, is not only the world’s capital of fashion but also of the award-winning and internationally known interior designers. The city astonish with its beauty and charm thanks to remarkable architecture and specific, sophisticated atmosphere that inspire not only artists but also almost every visitor. Maybe this is the reason why in Paris you can find the world’s best interior designers.


François Champsaur, Franz Potisek and François Joseph Graf present represent three different astounding styles but they have some points in common: they are the top French interior designers and their companies are based in Paris. Everyone who is interested in design should know these names. Get to know them a bit better with Best Interior Designers!


François Champsaur

François Champsaur was born in Marseille but has been based in Paris since the late 80’s. His Mediterranean roots have influenced his work. The designer studied Fine Arts in Marseille and Arts Decorative in Paris (ENSAD). François Champsaur has started his interior design  and furniture business in 1996. Since then, he accumulates prestigious achievements in the restoration area. His projects include, for example: Café de l’Alma, in Paris and Hôtel Montalembert in Paris.




From his earliest projects, François has displayed his ability to transform any space, considering each and every aspect from an architectural angle and with the finest detail. He intelligently reworks space, playing with light and volume, and compliments this with both elegant and contemporary furniture and fabrics.

Franz Potisek

Franz Potisek is one of the France’s best, fashionable and interesting interior designers. His love for the design and architecture started very early. He has discovered his passion for it in childhood. When he was only seven year old, he saw Versailles for the first time. He visited every corner it was possible to visit and became fascinated by its architecture and beauty. He fell in love with décor after visiting Versailles.




Anticipation of needs, perfection of details and extreme quality of the materials worked by the best craftsmen are his philosophy. The designer likes the idea of bringing back up to date something that is considered outdated. He also enjoys mixing periods and styles, genuine and fake, antique and modern. Potisek adores playing with contrasts, colours, prints, and imagining solutions to elegantly conceal the utilitarian

François Joseph Graf

It was not by chance that François Joseph Graf, one of the best interior designers of the world, began his career at the Château de Versailles (1981-1984), as his mentor was the head curator of the time, Pierre Verlet, whose first lesson to his pupil was to teach him to look in order to keep to the style and philosophy of each of the creations – because the architecture, furniture, objects and fabrics all shared the same taste.




For François-Joseph Graf, architecture is a passion, its history a pleasure, its expression a profession, requiring a vocation that wants rigor and dedication, offering a new way to see, in order to get around the whole spirit of art, men and places to residences.