Best Interior Designers | François Joseph Graf
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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers | François Joseph Graf

An heir to the innate refinement of the enlightenment, François Joseph Graf is a flamboyant, humanist extravagant who has already enjoyed an extraordinary career: an architect, a powerful, recognized patron, a world-renowned interior decorator and designer and a scholarly aesthete who loves French luxury and lives art as a vocation, with generosity, rigour and talent.


It was not by chance that François Joseph Graf, one of the best interior designers of the world, began his career at the Château de Versailles (1981-1984), as his mentor was the head curator of the time, Pierre Verlet, whose first lesson to his pupil was to teach him to look in order to keep to the style and philosophy of each of the creations – because the architecture, furniture, objects and fabrics all shared the same taste.



François Joseph Graf’s style is, by definition, sharp and free, governed by a knowledge of history that enables him to find the right combinations, superimpositions and juxtapositions, always mastered and considered.


Admired for his balanced volumes, elegant details, magnificent materials and the ease with which he always feels at home, François Joseph Graf has decided to combine classicism and modernity in a symbiosis salutary for contemporary aesthetics, recreating a link with the tradition of taste. François Joseph Graf’s very nature is driven by a love of freedom, to the point of obsession. we should therefore not be surprised by the inventive, eclectic way in which he mixes ideas and styles.


 François Joseph Graf knows better than anyone that you don’t move around in the same way in a loft apartment or a wood-panelled apartment. similarly, it would be vain to limit oneself to old forms and lines that could easily be made modern. As a result, he designs furniture items, borrowing from different sources, that all show evidence of creativity, technical prowess and quality of execution. As far as design is concerned, taste and boldness are an absolute necessity from the outset. François Joseph Graf lacks neither.


 He has a reputation as a purist and an extreme perfectionist, but this is not the full story. François Joseph Graf is an architect of time, a past master in the art of creating invisible alchemies; he is an eternal traveller and world citizen, a man of absolute modernity who has constantly renewed his talents over the last 30 years by designing surroundings – some temporary – for people, their property and, sometimes, their beliefs.


François Joseph Graf’s work is, like the man himself, extraordinary, rooted both in history and in the most exacting standards of modernity. Over the last thirty years, the designer has created a stylistic expression that has taken him to the forefront of French style and has transcended the era by revealing its timelessness.


François Joseph Graf’s creations are governed by an unfailing rigour and the desire to turn decor not into a spectacle but the special receptacle of a life – the framework for constant reflection that never gets in the way of consistency between thought and action. For elegance, a true form of asceticism in this artist that is both innate and inherited, is above all a matter of moral standards. As a result of the relevance of his aesthetic ambitions, François Joseph Graf has become one of the chosen few who help to define the taste of our era.