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Best interior designers: Adriana Hoyos

Adriana Hoyos is undoubtedly one of the most renowned furniture designers in the world.

Born in Colombia and raised in Ecuador, Mrs Hoyos had always an inclination towards design and a very strong passion for furniture and interior decoration.

Her work shows her Latin heritage. Both her furniture and interior designs are made with dark, vibrant colors and she uses colored woods and exotic materials in most of the pieces.

Adriana Hoyos

Mrs. Hayes is also inspired by the trips that she does. Knowing new cultures, new textures and colors are a big part of her continued research..

Mrs Hoys likes to offer more than a product. Her designs try to deliver an experience along with the object. She is a perfectionist and always makes sure that her furniture is appealing, comfortable and practical.

Adriana Hoyos interior design

For 25 years she has been decorating in the US, Mexico, Bahamas, Panama, and Ecuador. Adriana’s Hospitality designs are present in some of the most prestigious hotels in the world. Trump Hotels, Marriot, Hilton  Starwood and Swissotel are just some of her company’s clients.

Her talent has made a lot of headlines. She was featured in Architectural Digest, Florida Design, Interior Design, Ocean Drive, Hola Decoracion, CNN Espanol and numerous magazines in the US, Latin America and Europe.

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