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Best Interior Designers

Kate Hume


British-born, Amsterdam-based, Kate Hume creates interiors that are as elegant as they are eclectic. Hume blends stunning spaces with casual comfort, sophisticated details with luxurious simplicity in a signature style that is personally tailored to each client’s dreams and desires.


Hume studied fashion design in her native England, before moving to the United States in the 1980’S, to work as a consultant and stylist. On her return to Europe in 1998 she and her husband, Frans van der Heijden launched Birdman furniture, a streamlined, contemporary range of home furnishings, referencing classic Dutch forms of the last century.


Kate’s eclectic interiors are also enhanced by her use of deep, rich color, striking contemporary art, patterned wallpapers and unique lighting fixtures, but she is careful to offer practical storage solutions and comforting accessories to insure that her client’s homes are always warm and inviting.


Kate is also a furniture designer, so she is comfortable playing with scale and often defines a room with pieces of mid-century modern furniture. The Kate Hume glass collection features free blown glass vessels and has attracted an international following since its inception in 1998. The art glass pieces have been widely exhibited and are often the finishing touch in her interior projects.



Source:  Kate Hume