10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know
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Top Furniture Brands

10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know

You may have seen these beautiful iconic pieces of luxury modern furniture – they can be found in many high-end homes today. You may have seen these well-recognized items on the covers of hi-end magazines or on luxury home tours on the Internet … but never knew who makes them or where to buy them. While researching for the latest, most popular modern decor products, we have run into these iconic items on several occasions, and today we’d like to share The 10 Top Furniture Brands with you.

Originally posted on Oct 24, 2013



There’s no place like home. Since 1989, Fendi Casa has been creating furniture and prestigious design objects that bring the unique Fendi flavor into homes all over the world. A pervasive lifestyle project where tradition is never nostalgic and innovation is paramount.

10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know

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Founded in 1966 with the entrepreneurial vision of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, B&B Italia is a leading Italian company in the international world of designer furniture for both home (B&B Italia Home Division) and contract (B&B Italia Contract Division).  The company’s international philosophy is reflected in its products and its significant and wide reaching distribution. Present in more than 80 countries worldwide, it has over the years created an exclusive network of highly professional points of sale. It has also cemented its direct presence with the opening of wholly-owned flagship stores in leading capital cities around the world.

10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know


One of the most influential European designers, Phillippe Starck, began designing products for Kartell in the company’s uprise in the 80s and 90s.

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10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know


Boca do Lobo furniture is all about modern and contemporary design for an exclusive home interior. Their furniture is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind.  They want to understand the past and interpret it through technology and contemporary design. We use this knowledge to transfer our entire artisan’s wisdom into our design.

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10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know


Established in 2004 the studio, under the direct supervision of Giorgio Armani, provides a comprehensive design service for a variety of projects: apartments in the most exclusive locations, private yachts and planes, exotic villas and prestigious residential complexes. While implementing the Armani style in different contexts and with different shades, the ultimate aim of the Studio is to respond to the demands and wishes of the client.

10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know


BRABBU designs and produce a diverse range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting, rugs, art and accessories that tells stories from the nature and the world. All these stories are written by the materials, textures, scents, flavours and colours that live inside the nature and inside the urban life.

10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know

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The tradition of Giorgetti goes back to more than 100 years ago when it started its activity in Brianza and it still forges ahead with innovation, conserving the patrimony of its experience in cabinet making. The uniqueness of Giorgetti lies in its capacity to make quality and innovative parts of its life. A Giorgetti ambient never appears as an aseptic space, devoid of personality, on the contrary, it transpires elegance, sobriety and decisiveness.

10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know


Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British luxury design brand which is represented in 90 countries and employing 250 people world-wide. Specialising in furniture, lighting and accessories, Tom Dixon has hubs in London, Milan, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Hangzhou.

With an aesthetic that is intrinsically inspired by the brand’s British roots, the products are internationally recognised and appreciated for their pioneering use of materials and techniques.


10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know


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Delightfull Unique Lamps is all about mid-century modern lighting creations. DELIGHTFULL’s Lighting reflects a personality, a frame of mind, strong emotions present in each detail. Working with our own hands we transfer our passion and devotion in everything we made that’s how masterpieces born. Share a soul and a heritage with the world….that’s DELIGHTFULL world.



The rich interiors of Roberto Cavalli will project bespoke living spaces adding depth, character and style. They will be an embodiment of all the strength and glamour of the Maison ‘Roberto Cavalli lifestyle‘,  delivering energy, prestige, emotion, success, and desire to experience.”

10 Top Furniture Brands You Should Know



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