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Chalked | Expertise In Residential And Commercial Projects

Chalked is a local and regional interior design company with experience in both residential and commercial projects, with a focus on show suites and galleries. Continue reading this article to learn more about some of its work and take a design ride.

Chalked Projects

Chalked: Expertise In Residential And Commercial Projects


With Chalked, home comforts are rising to new heights! This seamless space, which has high ceilings and is furnished in creamy white, is the perfect venue for family gatherings.


Chalked: Expertise In Residential And Commercial Projects


The advantage of living alone is that you may make your place unique and representative of who you are. Every square inch of this master bedroom is covered in the most opulent textures, transforming it into a comfortable retreat. An extended vanity table with a distinctive mirror gives you all the space you require, and the tufted accent wall adds a touch of luxury.


Chalked: Expertise In Residential And Commercial Projects


A place that is painted in black and white can be just as dynamic as one that is painted in brilliant colors if different textures and forms are used in it in a way that is harmonious. To add drama to your space, add a statement piece like a carpet with a striking pattern. It will instantly appear traditional with a contemporary twist.


Chalked: Expertise In Residential And Commercial Projects


Who says you have to walk outside to experience nature? The room’s focal point is the breathtaking view beyond the bar, making every moment spent here a retreat into nature.


Chalked: Expertise In Residential And Commercial Projects


A beautiful sight! If you find decorating with patterns difficult, try this expert advice: Balance is the secret. Spread out the patterns rather than concentrating them in one spot, and wherever you can, pair them with a matching block color to bring the room together.


Chalked: Expertise In Residential And Commercial Projects


You’ve heard it. The celebration has started and the masks are coming off. If you’re one of the fortunate 15% who gets to continue working from home, it’s time to upgrade your home office so you actually feel like sitting down to work!



It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work because it was designed with working women in mind and is bright, cozy, and open. The mix of soothing blue and ivory colors, feminine accessories, and large windows bring this space to life.



Aspire high! The unique wall headboard draws your focus to the room’s center while the full windows and glass wardrobe divider on either side of it make the space appear larger. This modern bedroom has been thoughtfully set up to give off an open, expansive feeling.



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