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Best Interior Designers, North America

HBA, One of The Best Design Studios in the World

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If there’s a firm that needs no introduction, that’s HBA. The North American company has one of the strongest presences in worldwide interior design. Its knowledge, innovation, and influence put it in the highest standard in the industry. Leading the hotel design industry since 1965, HBA remains keenly attuned to the pulse of changing industry trends governed by today ’s sophisticated traveler.

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HBA, One of The Best Deisgn Studios in the World


The partnership of Howard Hirsch and Michael Bedner began when Howard hired Michael as an entry-level blueprint drafter. They soon founded the company in 1965, becoming one of the first companies to market themselves as a hospitality design firm. Initially focusing their work on projects local to the United States, HBA began work on the Beverly Rodeo Hotel in Beverly Hills and Chez Voltaire, a restaurant in Florida. Over time, HBA expanded its work internationally, establishing an office in Hong Kong and later an office in London. Currently, with more than 1,600 designers around the globe in 21 offices and a recent expansion in several locations in Asia, HBA is a true global company with more than 85% of its employees now outside the United States.

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Deluxe Room at Fairmont Peace Hotel, designed by HBA Hirsch Bedner Associates


The company’s international presence, depth of experience, and detailed industry knowledge enables them to identify interior design trends at their source, make definitive predictions about new directions and innovations, and influence design standards at a global level. HBA’s ultimate objective is to add value, raise standards and enhance the brand of a project ’s owner and operator.


HBA, One of The Best Deisgn Studios in the World


HBA creates the signature looks of today’s luxury brands, independent contemporary boutique hotels, urban resorts spas, world-class residences, restaurants, and casinos. From continent to continent, each HBA interior is the result of a unique and sensitive response to location, architecture, and client vision. HBA’s international presence, combined with its extensive knowledge of the interior design industry, has facilitated the ability to rewrite the language of design with each new project.


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HBA, One of The Best Deisgn Studios in the World



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