MR Architecture + Decor David Mann
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MR Architecture + Decor : David Mann

The work of David Mann, founder of the Manhattan firm MR Architecture + Decor, is as dashing and crisply tailored as the classic black Prada suits he favors. Analytical and fiercely creative, Mann oversees everything from new construction to bespoke renovations and decorating for discreetly luxurious residences, boutiques, and offices. His firm is currently devising a winery and cultural retreat in Lantian, China—a 50,000-square-foot project that encompasses private tasting rooms, a restaurant and bar, and an art gallery, with custom-designed furniture throughout. MR Architecture + Decor David Mann

In characteristic Mann style, the property’s sensibility and exquisite details are distinctly modern yet ever so subtly influenced by traditional Chinese architecture. As Mann says of his company, “We gravitate toward the urbane and minimal but are skilled in color and texture as well.”MR Architecture + Decor David Mann

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MR Architecture + Decor is a 35-person studio led by founding partner David Mann, in collaboration with associates William Clukies, Robin Corsino and Robert Fuller. Based in New York City, the firm’s work extends from ground-up construction and renovation to interior architecture, design and decoration for residential, retail and other commercial spaces.MR Architecture + Decor David Mann

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MR Architecture + Decor is composed of an extraordinary team of architects and designers passionately dedicated to the creation of beautiful environments. Each project is approached by establishing a rigorous study of the site and program. MR’s work is not characterized by a particular style, but by design integrity borne of intense study, constant experimentation, and wide experience.  The practice approaches the design process with focused rigor, welcoming surprises that emerge at the intersection of thoughtful inquiry and inspired enthusiasm for the built environment.MR Architecture + Decor David Mann

Adepts of the modernity style, the projects developed by MR Architecture strive to reveal the poetry in the most rational approach to space, proportion and light.MR Architecture + Decor David Mann