Top Interior Designers - Maison Darré
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Top Interior Designers – Maison Darré

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That’s right, Darré started in the interior design and decoration world with his own furniture collection back in 2008. Since then, the French designer has been building an extraordinary reputation that might not seem easy to live up to. As you scroll down, you will understand how the brilliant Vincent Darré does it, and just how well we translate poetry and his joie de vivre into his creations.

Top Interior Designers - Maison Darré

It is with a very unique sense of style that we find Vincent Darré amongst his creations. The French designer sure has a singular view on how his projects should be handled, and as you scroll through his portfolio you will find that no project is the same as the other, while all of them have a very personal and distinct trademark. His contemporary works are influenced by the Baroque artistic movement, which ultimately gives them a very Parisian look, which is eccentric, and eclectic, yet stylish and sophisticated.

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Top Interior Designers - Maison Darré

On a more personal note, what has drawn us to the world of Maison Darré was the bold use of colors and patterns into, and as to how well he translates fierce poetry into each of his designs. Clearly, the French interior designer is not afraid to mix both these worlds, as he creates unique spaces both for private and commercial purposes.

Top Interior Designers - Maison Darré

An eclectic interior design that still makes sense when we look at it, that makes us want to experience the design and be immersed in the story Vincent Darré has created for us.

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Top Interior Designers - Maison Darré

The French designer started his career way back in the 20th century, working with some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world: Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Fendi, Moschino, Chloé and many other names of the fashion industry. It was in 2008 that Darré decided to retire from the fashion world to pour his heart and soul into the world of furniture and home decor.

Top Interior Designers - Maison Darré

Bringing in inspiration from the baroque and surrealism artistic movement, Vincent Darré produced his first furniture collection, Ossobuco. Nowadays, the designer is invested in a new project: recreating a Parisian salon with unique designer and antique pieces, a place where the designer can meet clients and friends in a world of his own.

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