Greg Natale's Book - The Tailored Interior
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Greg Natale’s Book – The Tailored Interior

Source: The West Australian

Arguably Australia’s most renowned and influential interior designer, Greg Natale has released his first book.


In The Tailored Interior, the award-winning, Sydney-based founder of Greg Natale Design guides readers through his chic, elegant interiors while detailing the creative process that goes into each project – from finding inspiration and establishing a concept, to layering pieces for contrast and balance and adding the finishing touches.


“I’ve always wanted to do a coffee table book but I didn’t want it just to be the pictures,” Natale said.

“While of course I want readers to be inspired by the images, I also wanted it to be about the process of interior decorating and an educational experience.”

Greg Natale's Book - The Tailored Interior

The book showcases 18 of the incredible spaces Natale has created, with stunning images by celebrated photographer Anson Smart.

“Interiors are actually very logical when you know how to approach them, and that’s what I hope The Tailored Interior can teach homeowners,” Natale said.

Greg Natale's Book - The Tailored Interior

Since he started in 2001, Greg Natale Design has become one of Australia’s top interiors firms, working across design and decoration in residential, retail and commercial spaces and recently expanding to residential exterior design.

Natale was named Interior Designer of the Year at both the 2014 and 2011 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards and won the Best Residential Interior award in 2013. He has been shortlisted and commended in the Australian Interior Design Awards, the Interior Design Excellence Awards, the Belle Coco Republic design awards, and the Dulux Colour Awards.

Greg Natale's Book - The Tailored Interior

Known for his bold, sophisticated style, use of colour and pattern, and warm, layered interiors, Natale said minimal was firmly out, with rich interiors the key direction for the year ahead.

“We’ve come from this period of very simple and minimal design and now we’re seeing very layered interiors,” he said. “These are more rich in colour and full with items, and include wall treatments and plenty of textures.”

Greg Natale's Book - The Tailored Interior

He said Australia’s regional nuances contributed to a fantastic diversity in our homes, which made them stand out in the international arena.

“We work around Australia – at the moment we’re working in Geelong, in Melbourne, to Darwin and everywhere in between – and what’s so exciting is that each place has a different style,” he said.


“I love working everywhere in Australia as I find it constantly pushes me in different directions with my designs.”

While he has worked on commercial projects in WA, he is yet to work his magic on a Perth home. “I’d love to complete a Perth home, the climate lends itself beautifully to opportunities for wonderful design,” he said.