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Kenneth Cobonpue – New Showroom in NY

Kenneth Cobonpue is a top furniture industrial designer, he has an unique way of integrating natural materials with handamade production.

Best Interior Designers blog had the privilege to talk with  Kenneth Cobonpue. Born in the Philippinnes, Kenneth graduated in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in New York and started his career in Italy and Germany. He has since gained a good reputation on the international press and became one of the world’s top designers with major projects worldwide and a star filled clientele.


Initially Kenneth Cobonpue started with a family business that he transformed, has he says, “with my own design, very modern, very different, always using craft and technology”. The result is a unique organic design, entirely handmade with natural materials.

Since this beggining the designer work resulted in two distinct brands: a brand of furniture with his own name and signature, Kenneth Cobonpue and a lighting and accessories brand called Hive.

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The biggest markets for Kenneth are United States and Asia. “Asia is a very big market right now. It really depends on the economy. Australia also.  The kind of furniture that we make is more suited to the Mediterranean countries which are now having trouble with the economy, which is a real pity for us. So we are waiting for the day when it is going to be good again!” says the top designer.

Kenneth has some of the most amazing design projects. Take a look.


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Chairs made with his organic techniques


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‘First Light,’ a three-piece set of metal lamps created by Kenneth Cobonpue for the benefit of the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda.

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Eclipse, modern day rickshaw

Now, Kenneth Cobonpue, has is own showroom in New York Design Center. It is a “Trade Only” building. Industry professionals should register at the concierge desk, and provide appropriate credentials upon request of the showrooms. Consumers are welcome to visit The New York Design Center through our Access to Design program.

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This Kenneth Cobonpue showroom in New York is an excelent source of beautiful and organic design and decoration for home. As you can see, there you will find furniture and lighting for your living room and even for outdoors. The best design products of the top furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue will stun you! Don’t lose the opportunity to see it if you are ever in New York!


Kenneth Cobonpue at Maison et Objet Americas 2015, exploring the American market

Kenneth was awarded Designer of the Year at Maison&Objet Asia 2014 earlier this year for embodying the excellence of southeast asian design and creativity. The most recent distinction on his vast resumé.

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