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Magical Bedrooms to Inspire Your Design Creativity

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Magical Bedrooms to Inspire Your Design Creativity. We want 2021 to be a wonderful year full of new design experiences and to take you on a journey where you will feel magic around and see the world and interior design with new eyes, full of unlimited options. We end the first month of the year with the creation of three unforgettable bedrooms and an indoor playroom that is perfect for kids to entertain themselves while at home. With the use of the finest materials and custom-made pieces, these kids rooms we create aim to be a space where new stories can the told and dreams will unfold.


Magical Bedrooms to Inspire Your Design Creativity


With that in mind, Circu decided to launch a series of magical kids’ bedrooms and playground designs. This is the first series of these enchanted projects that will inspire adults to achieve their kids’ fantasy and create the room they wished they had when they were little. Whether it’s for boys, girls, or gender-neutral rooms, we create both the most functional and creative designs, where every detail is customizable!

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Every room has a story to tell and hearts to conquer. This one is no different from that. With the help of our Cloud Collection, we prepare to open the door to the kingdom of luxury for kids you never thought possible. Until now


Tropical Bedroom with Blue Velvet

Cloudy Dreams with Tropical wall art

Magical Bedrooms to Inspire Your Design Creativity

This kid’s bedroom was very special to built and to decorate. Kids always have the wildest spirits and the highest of expectations. To allow the dreams to have space, we used our Cloud Collection to build a room where kids free their imagination and feel peaceful and give them almost the sensation of when we look to a clear blue sky. The sky and the clouds were the main inspiration behind this bedroom project so the color palette was carefully chosen, being the blue and white the main colors of the mood board.


Magical Bedrooms to Inspire Your Design Creativity


The wall art is wallpaper by Christian Lacroix and gives us the tropical vibes and a look into the world of Alice in Wonderland. The blue stands out as well as the birds and the trees. The kids can fall asleep imagining the soulful sounds of birds chanting.



In this bedroom, we highlight our Cloud Bed, a unique cloud-shaped bed that brings not only comfort but it also transforms bedtime stories into an extra special bonding time and peaceful nights, our Cloud Blue Mirror as well as our nightstand and chest of drawers. They are both pieces that provide the ideal storage for your children’s favorite bedtime stories and toys. We also created a special area where kids can focus and do their homework. The Dream Desk was made so children could explore their creativity while learning new things every day and having fun with it.



Pink Inspired Bedroom with Flamingo Wallpaper

This bedroom breaths color and its design does not go by unnoticed.

Magical Bedrooms to Inspire Your Design Creativity

The Cloud Bed is velvet finishes that take up the center of the room with its unique shape and size. It combines beautifully with the chosen flamingo wallpaper that is true art on the wall and besides being a favorite trend among the design world, it also reminds us of the beauty of nature and the sensation of peace and relaxation that can bring into the bedroom.



With the use of geometric shapes – such as the design of the rug and the beds – the decor of the room brings so much light that it’s complemented by luxury pieces such as the Cloud Bench – as soft as it seems- and the Cloud Chest of Drawers, that is a storage favorite for those who love unique design pieces. When it comes to children’s interiors, these stools introduce a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young.



A Teenage Dream

Every teen wants privacy and a place where there can relax and forget about everything else that is going on in the world.



This modern bedroom was carefully thought and decorated with the finest materials. Against the wall wood panel and at the center of the bedroom with having the Cloud Bed, with a velvet headboard that is completed by the Cloud Blue Nightstand that provides extra storage and the Diana table lamp is the perfect friend for long night studies or reads. The Puzzled Bookcase gives a teen the storage and the space he needs to develop new works and to boost his creativity. And can you imagine the good lighting the graphic letter gives for the perfect selfie?


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