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Suspension Lamps | A Symphony In Light

Suspension Lamps: A Symphony In Light – Step into a world where light becomes art and illumination dances in perfect harmony with design. If you are looking for inspiration regarding Suspension Lamps you’ve come to the right place.



Suspension Lamps

A Symphony In Light

Liberty Slim Snooker Suspension



A distinctive lighting fixture with the delicacy of the Liberty collection. The Liberty Slim Snooker Suspension will add sublime elegance to any project with a sophisticated presence that will never go unnoticed. This snooker lamp is perfect for a modern dining room or billiards room. It is made with gold-plated brass and crystal glass.


Magna Suspension



Designed as an empowering piece, the Magna suspension was inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty and elevation of mountains. This ornamental lighting design highlights three unique fixtures with a trapezium-like form. A sleek material like alabaster was used to offer a conspicuous snow-like display to each composition as well as details of rocky surfaces. The glossy outer frames are highlighted in brass. Magna’s pendular structure will add interest and drama to any style of interior.


Skyline Suspension



The Skyline collection emerges from a horizontal perspective and as a suspension lamp. Drawing inspiration from the ever-busy metropolises around the world, Skyline epitomizes the grandiose nature of skyscrapers and their silhouettes. This suspension design is supported by a brass frame that is seamlessly connected to an alabaster structure that irradiates smooth lighting throughout.



Liberty Slim Suspension



The elegant and sublime lines of the Liberty family are encompassed in the Liberty Slim Suspension. Its complexity and richness are reflected in its materials, making it the perfect lighting fixture for those who love attention to detail. This suspended light is available in three dimensions: brass and clear crystal.


Shard Suspension



Drawing inspiration from the iconic Shard London Bridge building, the Shard Suspension Lamp is an iconic, unique lighting fixture with a strong presence and character. Suitable for living and dining areas, this piece will grab all the attention in the room.


Guggenheim Snooker Suspension



The Guggenheim Snooker Suspension is a design inspired by leading-edge architecture. This piece can galvanize diverse rooms and is the perfect complement to any innovative and luxurious design. Made with gold-plated brass and clear crystals and bold by definition, this piece is a promising focus of attention.


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