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Jody Tyson | Channeling Global Inspiration

Jody Tyson, the creative force behind Jodi’s Inspiration (@jodysinspiration), an esteemed interior design studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, shares insights into her diverse design journey that spans across the United States and Canada. Jody Tyson shared her experience visiting the Covet Group showroom in Porto, providing insights into her company and projects. “I enjoy traveling the world to see different things,” Tyson expresses her penchant for global exploration. “This last April, we were in Italy and I fell in love with a wallpaper that was in a coffee shop, and I just like, had to have it. So we searched out how we could find it, and we use it in the current home that we’re working on.”





Expressing admiration for a furniture line, Jody Tyson enthuses, “I love this line. It’s been in my wheelhouse for a number of years. They’re just stunning. The workmanship is quality and beautiful. I’m very impressed with the company.” Reflecting on her visit to the factories, Tyson highlights the artisans’ dedication, “The people just cared so much about what they were doing. They’re very attentive to detail, looking at every fine thing that they were putting together.” “Loving lighting, I think lighting is the jewelry of the house,” Jody Tyson emphasizes her passion for illuminating spaces. “I love to even design lighting myself. I’ve come to my representative here, and she’s helped me create things that will work for my homes. Your bar stools and furniture pieces, it’s just a beautiful line.”



Currently embarking on a substantial renovation project, Jody Tyson shares, “I’m working on a home, renovating about a 7,000 square foot home. I’ve created wonderful outdoor areas, indoor courtyards, and living in Las Vegas, you need lots of pergolas to keep out the heat in the summertime.” Detailing her approach to new projects, Jody Tyson explains, “Creating a new project might involve changing up colors in a rug design or redoing interior doors. I see that I create something different in every room but use a lot of lighting as accents.”




Expressing gratitude for her first visit to a specific location, Jody Tyson reflects, “I was honored to be invited, and it’s been a wonderful trip so far. My daughter and I traveled together. She works for me, and we’re going on to different parts of Portugal and Spain for the next couple of weeks. We love to travel a lot.” Through Jody Tyson’s insights, a tapestry of global inspirations and meticulous design considerations emerges, showcasing a passion for unique elements that enrich the spaces she crafts at Jody’s Inspiration.




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