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An Exclusive Contemporary Modern Penthouse in Monaco

Created in a series of luxury curated houses by Covet House, in a completely different style, this 295 m2, 8-room penthouse in Monaco focuses on functionality and contemporary modern design in neutral tones to create an effortlessly chic look. The social areas include an open plan kitchendining and living area, as well as a powder room and a home office. Moreover, this contemporary modern penthouse features two extraordinary private areas – a sophisticated master bedroom which includes its living area, and the magical kids’ quarters which include the bedroom, a play and study area, and a bathroom.








In the heart of Monaco, a principality synonymous with opulence rests a stunning 3175-square-foot apartment crafted by Covet House. Inspired by Monaco’s timeless elegance, this luxurious home embodies an eclectic fusion of contemporary design and eternal glamour.






An open space area filled with warm and soothing upholstery and tones. The living room was carefully put together with one clear goal: comfort. Spacing and the overall setting of the furniture and decoration were designed to provide a calm aesthetic, without any of the pieces overpowering each other, mastering the perfect balance between design and functionality. A subtle neutral palette to provide the most nurturing ambiance.







What better place to enjoy a fine dinner with friends and family than a beautiful and inspiring dining room? This room was designed to provide exactly that: a beautifully decorated and furnished area, with a practical and cozy approach. Again, the neutral tones are in sync with the other open areas, both in design and taste.







Yet another comforting zone, the master bedroom was designed to render the ultimate relaxing experience. A few elements were set to make the room as subtle as possible not to be too loud, transpiring a peace and quietness perfect for a relaxing night. Not compromising on the aesthetic, it is still polished and neutral, making it all about the wide spacings and the well-lit walls and ceilings. This modern and simplistic design is complemented by other functionalities and additions to the overall area, that we will explore ahead.







A masterful combination of items, where design meets professionalism. A generously wide area, comprising two distinctive areas: the office area and the reading corner. Designed to be a place of work, its main goal was ergonomy and functionality. The office follows the same structure and architecture as the other spaces but feels like its own unique styling and appeal.





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