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Segraeti Interiors | Passion For Contemporary Design

Driven by a refined taste, combined with a passion for contemporary designGian Luca and Marco Sardi created SEGRAETI Interiors in 2003, in the prestigious setting of the Principality of Monaco. Over the years, they have acquired in-depth knowledge of Monegasque and international customers, which has led them to perfect and diversify their services in accordance with the most advanced cutting-edge contemporary design.

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Already present with two shops dedicated to decoration and the table in the heart of the Metropolis shopping center Monaco, SEGRAETI Interiors returns to center stage with the opening of a new 250m2 showroom specializing in furniture and interior design. This new space showcases the most prestigious brands of interior furniture as well as a furnishing firm at your disposal for the realization of all your architectural projects.

Through architecture, decoration, but also tableware, SEGRAETI puts at their customer’s service a team of professionals capable of concretizing all of their desires even before they express them. SEGRAETI accompanies the customer throughout the development of the project as well as for the renovation of the customer’s interiors. SAGRAETI’s teams of architects, decorators, and sales advisers are on hand to satisfy the customers’ desires. “From the nascent idea to the bottle of champagne placed on the table”.

By studying the concept of the customer’s interior, SEGRAETI Interiors wants to establish a close and deep relationship between functionalitylayout, and perception. The timeless writing transcribed from their projects is adapted to each space. Whatever its scale, its location, and its budget, their strong point is consistency and the solutions that they offer according to the customers’ needs and criteria.

SEGRAETI believes that decoration is an essential element to be able to establish comfort, functionality, beauty, and harmony in a house. These are the details of a decoration that reflects the character, the originality and allows it to affix its own style. Each object, even harmless, brings its stone to the building in the personalization of your furnishing.



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