The Best Interior Designers of Houston
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Best Interior Designers, North America

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

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Abel Design Group

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

With projects worldwide, Abel Design Group is a perfect architecture and designfirm that focuses on the most that an interior can give, with a love for the most beautiful and great.


Alecia Johnson

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

Alecia Johnson is a known interior designer from Houston, where she operates with her designfirm named Pearl Design. With various interior designs all throughout the United States, her careful process of creation leads to these interiors being perfect from photoshoots.

Amy Salazar

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

A certified interior designer, Amy Salazar is a known magician of interiors for her love of textures and pieces of art. Also, when working on a project with her team and her clients, the love for what she does is almost palpable and intoxicating.



Betsy Homan Interior Design

Image courtesy of: Betsy Homan Interior Design

Catering to your own sensibilities, Betsy Homan designs interiors that are deeply personal and rich with meaning. And so, to her many clients, both new and returning, a feeling of timelessness and effortless ease. It’s all a part of Betsy Homan’s combined commitment to design and service.

Carla Royder Designs & Co

Image courtesy of: Carla Royder Designs & Co

CARLA ROYDER DESIGNS & CO is a national award-winning interior design firm.  Carla Royder established her firm in 2003 and has since earned a reputation for creating luxurious spaces that tell a story. Her firm expertly balances a client’s vision with their expertise in design to create spaces that are truly unique. The team’s aesthetic pushes the envelope to create spaces that are uniquely yours – balancing style with personality.

CDB Interiors

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CDB Interiors’ philosophy is all about first investing the time with their clients to find out who they are and then blend their ideas into a vision. Making a connection to their personalities and their lifestyles is what drives their inspiration. From new builds, remodels, and refreshed style, their designs transform the ordinary into aesthetically pleasing environments.

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Contour Interior Design

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Contour Interior Design is a national, multi-award winning, full service interior design firm located in Houston, TX, displaying insightful and creative design work, specializing in residential, commercial, restaurant & boutique hospitality design. The success of the company is rooted in the integration of design innovation, business savvy, and construction expertise.

Jane Page

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

Jane Page of Jane Page Design Group is a perfect player in the interior designbusiness that focuses on the finest details, from textures to the perfect combination of functionality and form of her interiors.

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Dodson Interiors

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Interior design comes naturally to Julie Dodson, Founder and Creative Director of award-winning Dodson Interiors. Julie opened the doors to Dodson Interiors in 2002, forming what quickly became one of the city’s most sought-after design firms. Over the last 18 years, Julie and Dodson Interiors have polished their effortlessly chic approach to design, building a portfolio that celebrates a harmonious balance between Hollywood Glam and fresh French style.

J. Randall Powers

The Best Interior Designers of Houston 13

J. Randall Powers once used to create interiors that were deemed over the top, or even chic to the highest degree. With clarity, he know focuses on a more functional interior design trend, trying to reduce clutter inside of a home.

Finishing Touches Interior Design

Image courtesy of: Finishing Touches Interior Design

Finishing Touches Interior Design is an interior design firm that offers services that include consultation, window treatments, furniture, accessories, new building selections, and remodeling. As an award-winning design firm, there is no question about their wonderful portfolio. They are a top regional choice with an extensive professional portfolio and an amazingly talented team.​

FKP Architects Houston

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FKP Architects is a large American architecture firm based in Houston, Texas. It specializes in the design of major academic, research, scientific, and healthcare projects. The company has joined Cannon Design and together both these companies leverage their full suite of end-to-end services to help organizations and the people and communities they serve to flourish through their amazing design projects.

Gensler TX – Houston

Image courtesy of: GenslerDesign

Gensler is a global design firm that partners with clients to create more livable cities, smarter workplaces and more engaging leisure destinations. Since 1965, they have helped clients achieve measurable business and organizational goals, delivering projects as large as a city and as small as a task light for an individual desk.

Haven Design and Construction

Image courtesy of: Haven Design and Construction

Haven Design & Construction is a full-service interior design and construction firm. Specializing in Kitchen & Bath Remodeling they bring that contemporary and fresh look along with me utmost attention to detail to any design project.

HOK – Houston

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HOK thinks the warm, friendly culture in their studios each with its own local vibe, is pretty special. They’re a highly collaborative group of people who enjoy working together and are generous about sharing our knowledge, research and innovations. They identify themselves as a global network of designers made up of small teams of friends working together to solve complex problems. During their design processes, they engage with people from many cultures, both from within the firm and the local community. These diverse backgrounds broaden their vision and feed their strengths.

Lauren Rottet

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

No surprises here, Lauren Rottet is a Texan staple, with all kinds of projects of interiors. Her love for simplicity is simply astonishing, creating these interior designsthat just mesh amazingly well with her clients’ needs.

Laura U Interior Design

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

Laura Umansky is known as the head interior designerof Laura U Interior Design, and that is no coincidence. Her unparalleled vision for interiors is unlike any other, as you can see below. The love for the more neutral is also a staple of hers and must not be discredited, as she creates these interiors almost alone.

Lucas Eilers

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

Founded by Sandra Drews and Sarah Brooks, the aim of Lucas Eilers Design Associates is to create the most perfect interiors with a focus on the timeless and imaginative. By combining vision, experience, and integrity, this design firm creates astonishing interiors.

Lucinda Loya Interiors

Image coustesy of: Lucinda Loya Interiors

Lucinda has built a name for herself as one of the nations’ premiere interior decorators, making Houston-based Lucinda Loya Interiors one of the most sought-after design firms in the country. Her trademark “eclectic”, high end-style has graced the covers of the world’s foremost design and décor magazines.

Marie Flanigan

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

This award winning interior designeris also an astonishing creator of residential projects all throughout the United States. If you are looking for a perfect mix between a great interior, with a focus on the products and the feeling of the home, Marie Flanigan is for you.

Michael J. Siller

The Best Interior Designers of Houston 13

Michael J. Siller is a nation-wide interior designer, with projects from the east coast to the west coast. The astonishing interiors that Michael J. Siller creates are one of a kind and deserving of adoration.

Nina Magon

The Best Interior Designers of Houston 13

Nina Magon is the owner of Contour Interior Design, which specializes in creating interiors full of glamour and chicness. The refined interiors that she creates are all part of a team effort by her design studio.

Noel Luxury Living

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Noël Furniture is Houston’s premier home furnishings showroom. At Noël Furniture they understand great interior design is transforming ideas into realities. Through our experienced and accredited Interior Designers accompanied with a dedicated and talented design support team, they work with clients, Professional Interior Designers, and other Trade Partners from all over the world to give your home a look that is uniquely your own.



NR Interiors

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NR Interiors creates designs that bring you joy in the daily experiences of life. Their talented team elevates the interior design of your home for new construction and remodel transformations, completing your space with custom furnishings for comfortable fine living.

Pamela O’Brien

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

Pamela O’Brien is an interior designer that actually studied in Europe, leading her to create a niche in the United States, for most designers don’t have the European expertise by their side. With a new and unique look on interiors, Pamela quickly rose to fame.


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Renowned for outstanding client service and attention to detail, PGAL balances innovative, responsive design solutions with a pragmatic, cost-conscious approach. This client-centered philosophy has earned PGAL repeat business and lasting relationships for more than 75 years. They work with clients on projects large and small, developing long-term relationships based on partnership and trust. Every project decision is made to serve the client’s current and future needs.

Paloma Contreras

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

A trend-setter and interior designer, Paloma Contreras is a unique perspective of Texan interiors. A love for the conjugation of styles is known throughout not only Texas, but most of the United States, and that is perfectly fair, for her interiors are to die for.

Poliform Houston

Image courtesy of: Poliform Houston

Poliform is currently a leading player on the international furniture scene. The highly successful result of adventurous enterprise, the company has always based its vision on the search for quality by updating its lines in keeping with all that is good in contemporary lifestyle trends.

Rainey Richardson

The Best Interior Designers of Houston 13

Rainey Richardson has only one purpose when it comes to interior design: creating a home that you can call your own that that has a perfect contrast between function and form. These livable spaces are almost a part of you after Rainey Richardson sprinkles that bit on interior design magic.

STG Design – Houston

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The fundamental objective that drives everything at STG Design is the commitment to the client himself. They immerse themselves in the community, methodology, and goals in an attempt of forming a shared culture of curiosity, discovering success together, and inspiring passion in every design project.

William W. Stubbs

The Best Interior Designers of Houston

An unlikely face in the interior design business, William W. Stubbs is a renowned interior designer known not only for his astonishing interior designs but for his positive attitude throughout the whole process of creating these designs.

Y Interiors

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At Y Interiors, their client-centric team is dedicated to designing a space that functions for your unique needs and also happens to be gorgeous, luxurious, and timeless. Whether they are designing a private residence for a select few or a commercial space for all to enjoy, they always start with communication and end with client satisfaction.


Ziegler Cooper Architects

Image courtesy of: Ziegler Cooper Architects

Since the founding of Ziegler Cooper Architects, their mission has been to deliver exceptional design to every single client. The firm has been guided by the belief that beautiful architecture has the capacity to uplift the human spirit and is a constant reminder of their pursuit of excellence.