Qatar Architectural and Interior Design Company : Decorelle
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Qatar Architectural and Interior Design Company : Decorelle

Introducing innovative strategies and cost effective designs, Decorelle, an Architectural and Interior Design Company, has left its mark in the market as a friendly, experienced, and professional solution for any growing project. Working formerly under the name of ‘Beity’ in Beirut, and re-established in 2006 in Qatar as Decorelle, the company has fast grown into a leading beacon.

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Owned and managed by Mr. Khaled Said Al Attar and Mr. Mohammad Al Kaabi, Decorelle has introduced numerous ventures including over a hundred constructions internationally, fifty modern and classic villas, and many palaces belonging to royal lineage, with several projects within the Villagio Mall and City Center simultaneously.Qatar Architectural and Interior Design Company DecorelleSpace is a strategic asset, both corporately and residentially. At Decorelle they work to tap into every attribute of your space in order to allow you to benefit from the full potential. Whether in shape, size, color, or cut, we offer multiple solutions, options, and reflections.Qatar Architectural and Interior Design Company DecorelleTheir process begins methodically by examining your needs and requests, progressing to a close analysis of the spatial, behavioral, and cultural influences. The core mission of their business is to bring these close understandings to a tangible and physical reality, as the client partners the process, to result in a space that is fully experienced.Qatar Architectural and Interior Design Company DecorelleBeing certified by ‘ISO 9001-2008’ Quality Management Systems requirements ; they are currently in the process of implementing ‘ISO 18001’ Occupational Health & Safety Management System ( OHSMS) for a safe and healthy environment, making our corporation the number one partner for any fit out solution.

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Their projects include architectural designs with initial planning blueprints and progress to interior spaces, colours, and feels. Uniting a team that encompasses over 120 employees, they strive to bring out the shining qualities of our environments, working to assimilate them with emotional tastes and luxury satisfaction. As leaders in intelligent design, they face every project as both a chance and a challenge.Qatar Architectural and Interior Design Company : Decorelle