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Lightology: Assisting With Everything From Inspiration To Lumination


Greg Kay founded Lightology in 2003 after completing his schooling to become a master electrician in the 1970s.

When Kay was working as a roller disco lighting specialist, he was inspired by the art and culture of the era, which sparked his passion and creativity. This sparked an entrepreneurial drive that eventually resulted in numerous award-winning lighting brands, innovative designs, and the centerpiece of Lightology’s showroom in downtown Chicago.



Lightology: Assisting With Everything From Inspiration To Lumination


The goal of Lightology is to be the top lighting retailer by providing the greatest selection of vendors, beautiful designs, and cutting-edge technology, all while educating their clients.

The Lightology team stays on the cutting edge of art and design by working with the biggest names in the business and carrying a wide range of products from European imports to boutique originals and everything in between. With a staff of qualified specialists, informative material, and business events, they want to be the leading voice in lighting design and technology.


Lightology: Assisting With Everything From Inspiration To Lumination


“We provide each of our customers with the resources and customer support they need to make their next project shine since we are professionals in our field and understand all the procedures involved in projects of all sizes.”


“Step inside an award-winning space, brimming with rare fixtures, and gallery-worthy artworks.”


Lightology: Assisting With Everything From Inspiration To Lumination


One of the top lighting showrooms in the world, Lightology is situated in Chicago’s design-focused River North area and features three storeys of breathtaking global designs and artwork. The constantly changing showroom is built from the bottom up to meet the specialized demands of both trade professionals and homeowners, including architects, designers, contractors, interior designers, and builders.

The 20,000 square foot glass-enclosed space has catwalks lined with luxurious fixtures and interactive features that revolve around a central atrium. You will undoubtedly find what you’re searching for there, whether it’s a mid-century modern chandelier, a Moroccan pendant, or an industrial desk light.

Voted three years running Top Showroom in North America.

There are lighting stores, and then there’s Lightology. Whether browsing online for outdoor lighting or stopping in their Chicago-based showroom to find the perfect desk lamp, Lightology is the premier destination for modern lighting, commercial lighting, and home décor. The store’s knowledgeable staff can help you every step of the way, from dream to installation. The future never looked so bright.

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