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Birgit Otte | When Your Home Decor Says Something About You

The renowned Birgit Otte can be found among fabric collections, stylish furniture, and opulent projects. Birgit Otte continues to carve her own path in the interior design community in a quirky yet wonderful fashion, driven by a desire to make her clients the happy possible. We will tell you all about how Birgit Otte became a modern interior design icon in this article, so stay tuned!

Birgit Otte | When Your Home Decor Says Something About You

Located in Wolfersdorf, Germany, Birgit Otte Interior Design is the designer’s main channel to create lovely interiors. Passionate about chandeliersfabrics and gardens, Birgit Otte has a celebrated portfolio where colors and textures create a sense of harmony that flows all around.

Your home decor should be a collection of things you love and that’s exactly what you’re getting with Birgit Otte. Interior design is also about the aesthetic experience itself and all the good feelings we get when we walk inside a house that says something about us. With Birgit Otte, modern and classic collide in the most sophisticated settings ever.

Birgit Otte designs to work and inspire. With a vast portfolio behind her, Birgit Otte tells stories with nothing but pieces of furniturelighting and upholstery. So charming!



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