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Locatelli Partners | Architecture and Design in Conversation

From the beginning, Locatelli Partners has worked in all facets of design and in a wide range of settings. These range from the creation of new buildings to the restoration of colossal complexes and historic dwellings, and they combine a contemporary rationalist style vision with inspiration and respect for heritage. They include private homes, showrooms, shops, and exhibitions. In an all-encompassing approach to thinking about the entire design project, which moves from the direct relationship with the client to a dialogue that is constantly alive and unique with spaces and materials all in the ever-present name of art, the spirit of the city of Milan, the home of excellence in Italian design, is re-interpreted between beauty and rigor.

Miss Sixty Store

miss sixty store

The project, which was implemented on each of the store’s four floors, is based on the premise that leather is a dynamic and interacting material. Large fabric strips covered with metal plates are fastened to the walls like magnets, and the furnishings are vibrant, assembleable, and entertaining. The top mezzanine was opened in the middle, and a part was carved out on three sides that the bar overlooks in order to heighten the entrance floor. The special collections are housed in the lower mezzanine, but the largest and most representative area of the store is on the lowest floor, which is two feet below earth.

Clorofilla Nursery School

clorofila nursery

The remarkable arches that stretch along the interior courtyard of a 19th Century mansion like a cloister showcase the original building’s double height dome. The classrooms open out onto a sizable covered area on the ground floor that is utilized for gatherings and meetings. The central feature of the design is a glass-enclosed garden with a big tree reaching up and out to the terrace on the upper story. Two school wings, the kitchen, the swimming pool, and the offices are all located around the plaza.

Hôtel Particulier

hotel particulier

This four-story private residence, built in the 19th Century inside the courtyard of a 17th Century hotel particulier, has been restored to unity and its previous beauty through a complete cleaning operation and a lightening of the surroundings. The decision to restore the relationship with history was taken in combination with the objective of making the spaces both visible and communicative. This was accomplished by reinterpreting a number of aesthetic aspects from traditional French residences, such as plaster mouldings and hexagonal mosaic tiles. Upon entering, one obtains the sensation that this is how the house has always been.

penthouse milan

This project, which is housed on the top three floors of a structure constructed in the 1950s, is distinguished by its use of light and continuous connections to the outdoors. The study is on the top floor, which was formerly the terrace of the building but has since been transformed into a greenhouse. The glass-enclosed room’s roof has been converted into a patio that can be accessed via a bookshelf staircase. The renovation project also creates a seamless transition between the building’s interior and exterior while keeping some of its most fascinating architectural details, such its original windows and Venetian blinds.


d studio milan

Reusing the 2150 square meters of the architectural project by Locatelli Partners for D Studio in Milan has revealed previously hidden characteristics. By fusing light and openness, modern architecture highlights the relationship between internal and external areas. Thanks to its plate-glass windows and skylights, the Via Durini building, which was designed by Sommariva Studio and formerly housed an imposing car dealership, is now flooded with natural light. The iron pillars that represent the three levels of the Locatelli Partners identity offer volume, consistency, and a link to Milan.

Apartment GF

apartment new york

The entrance hall’s dark walls and black ceiling are illuminated by the Venini chandelier with glass by Carlo Scarpa. Direct connectivity between the study and living room spaces is made possible by a wide aperture. To accentuate the height of the surroundings, the windows have been covered with floor-length black wooden blinds, and each of the specially constructed bookcases has a brass base that can absorb light and gently reflect it into space. Every piece of furniture combines the dynamism of American design with the elegance of Italian design.




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