colorful dining room with beautitul chandelier and green dining chairs
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Prestige Global Designs | Exclusive Interview

Prestige Global Designs is an interior design firm based in Singapore and founded by Michael Ong and Jeremy Tay. Their firm specializes in designing and building boutique-hotel-style interiors for commercial and residential properties. Prestige Global Designs combines luxury and opulence with details that are unique to individuals and their projects, creating beautiful interiors that speak volumes about their inhabitants. Best Interior Designers had the great opportunity to talk with them in an Exclusive Interview!


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Prestige Global Designs


colorful dining room with beautitul chandelier and green dining chairs


Best Interior Designers: How would you describe your work style? Do you have any kind of signatures that help to identify your projects?

Prestige Global Designs: At Prestige Global, we are always looking to try different styles. However, we believe in adding a touch of luxury to any interiors we do. We would like to term this as ‘The Prestige Global Signature’. 


blue and yellow chairs in a terrace green rug


BID rooms inspiration


Best Interior Designers: Be in love with our work is always the key to achieving better results. Are you in love with this job? What do you love most about being an interior designer?

Prestige Global Designs: After many years of practice, yes we are still very in love with what we are doing. From getting to know our clients and understanding them, translating this to design concepts and seeing the space coming to life, this entire process to us is really enjoyable. It is like completing a storybook.  


hallway with a horse statue and floor lamp


Best Interior Designers: What is your philosophy on design and life?

Prestige Global Designs: Design Philosophy – Not to limit ourselves to any specific style.

Life Philosophy – Never give up. Keep going. 


black reading corner with black chair







stripped wall in a living room with beige chair


Best Interior Designers: Keeping up to date on all the trends is essential for anyone who wants to conquer this market. In what ways do you keep current with new trends?

Prestige Global Designs: We do not really follow trends as they come and go. However, we draw inspirations from all walks of life, be it nature, fashion, and even food etc. One way to stay current is to understand the needs of people as people’s lifestyle evolves. 


hallway with green rug


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


Best Interior Designers: How would you describe your personal decorating style?

Prestige Global Designs: Decorating a space is like telling a story. We believe in personalizing the space to complement our clients. One effective way to beautifully decorate a space is to create vignettes, through materials, textures, and shapes. 

two blue and golden brass armchairs

Best Interior Designers: All artists need some inspiration to work, and interior designers are artists too. So, what or who really inspires you?

Prestige Global Designs: Anything and everything. 




Best Interior Designers: Inspiration is something that pushes everyone to create unique things. What makes you see the world in a different way?

Prestige Global Designs: We believe in always having an open mind. With an open mind, one truly needs to embrace new information and changes. 




purple sofa and blue armchairs in a living room

Best Interior Designers: How important is a perfect chemistry between you and your clients to achieve the best results?

Prestige Global Designs: This is the most important aspect. Our clients are part of this team. Understanding them is a key aspect in a successful project. Therefore, the chemistry between us and our clients is important to ensure this. 


Best Interior Designers: Choosing the best pieces to compose a project can be the secret to getting the best overall result. Although it seems easy, this is a delicate task and needs full attention on time to execute. Do you have some tips for those who do not know well how to start a challenge like this?

Prestige Global Designs: No shortcut. Embrace the journey, be brave to trial and error. Experience will come along the way. 


house of boca do lobo hong kong


Best Interior Designers: Do you think working with teams in interior design is better or worse than working alone? Why?

Prestige Global Designs: For us, definitely teams. We believe in teamwork. It is inspiring to see people learn and grow. The success of a project should be shared with others and not to be enjoyed alone. 




two washbasin bathrooms in a luxurious hotel

Best Interior Designers: Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

Prestige Global Designs: Yes, we do. Currently, we are working on an office space that we have designed in an unorthodox style. We believe that it will not blur the line between work and home. Instead, it will drive efficiency. 


Best Interior Designers: What has been your greatest accomplishment as a designer? What goals do you have for the future?

Prestige Global Designs: Having many of our clients become friends. Our goals in the future are to further grow our company and look into other interior design-related challenges to take up. 


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